Research Groups

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Research Groups

Cancer Stem Cells and Telomer-Telomerase Reaearch Group:
The principal aim is to acquire an understanding of the mechanisms underlying cancer cell self-renewal. This program brings together key strategic areas of cellular immortality, cancer stem cell biology, and telomere-telomerase biology. Translational cancer research is aimed at developing novel laboratory models. Ultimately the objective is to provide rational scientific foundations for application of small molecule and gene based therapies to the treatment of human cancers.

Aging and Cancer Research Group:
Aging and cancer work together to wear down your body. The aim of this reasearch group is to investigate why we age differently, the ways to reduce the risk of cancer as we age and how aging can impact cancer onset and course. This group brings together expertise from different fields such as genomic instability, oxidative stress, telomere- telomerase biology and cancer biology. Thus, this research group is investigating how individual factors such as early development, lifetime health, and nutrition can each act as indicators of healthy ageing.

Genetics and Developmental Biology Research Group:
The principal aim of this group is to increase our understanding of genetic mechanisms that underlie human embryonic development. This research group brings together experties from developmetnal biology, genetics, DNA mutation and repair, cell biology and molecular biology. The ultimate goal of this focused research group is to reach substantial advances in diagnosing, preventing, treating and even curing human genetic and developmental disorders.

Diagnostic Research Group:
This research group is a multidisciplinary group that aims to focus on investigating the value of new findings as possible diagnostic tools for the clinician. The long term aim is to develop new diagnostic tests/kits/tools to benefit the clinical process.