Near East University is the first University in TRNC to give Medical Education. NEU Faculty of Medicine is home to the Medical Genetics and Medical Biology Departments. Our aim is to make our Medical Genetics Department, which became a very popular area to do research in, an attractive palce for doing Masters and PhD degrees. Due to increasing demand from national and international applicants the departments of Medical Biology and Medical genetics started offering Graduate degrees since February 2012. Our graduate programs has been approved by higher education authorities in both North Cyprus and Turkey (YÖDAK and YÖK). After fulfilling the requirements to apply, the accepted students will be educated in both medical biology and medical genetics and the cross section of the two fields. They will have the opportunity to observe and practice different methods in 5 different daignostic labs. Through this we aim to educate well rounded individuals that will be profficient in medical biology, medical genetics and biostatistics.

“ Establisment of Near East University DNA Banking and Database. “(MSc student Rameez Hassan)
“ The role of VITAMIN d receptor gene polymorphisms in the multifactorial diseases. “ (MSc Student Meral Kizilkanat)
“ The comparison of aneoploidy rate in advanced paternal age with or without egg donation. “ (MSc Student Ali Kizilkanat)
“ The role of artichoke phenolics on liver regeneration via Nrf2 activation. “ (PhD Student Ceren Gezer,MSc)
“ Immortalization of human cord blood MSCs with hTERT gene and their characterization. “ (PhD Student Deniz Balci, MSc)