Cyprus History Research Research Center

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Welcome to Cyprus History Research Research Center,

Cyprus History Research Centre of Near East University (CHIRC of NEU) was established in the year of 2013 in order to examine the cultural, social, economic and political history of Cyprus with interdisciplinary research methods, to share data and results which would be obtained with the local and international community as well as the national and international academic circles. In addition to these, another aim of the Centre is to organize scientific meetings such as panel discussion, conferences, symposia and workshops whom academicians and non-academic researches able to attend.

CHIRC of NEU is open to make collaboration with all academic departments and centers of NEU in order to achieve the main objectives and to sustain those goals. It also considers all of the institutions, local administrations and non-governmental organizations of TRNC as a natural partner.

CHIRC, considering the importance of interactions and co-operation between the university and city, and with the administration of city, aims to produce joint projects with all local administration in order to explore the past of Cyprus in multidimensional terms. In this context, one of the long-term aims of CHIRC of NEU is to organize International Symposium on History of Cyprus once in two years on a traditional base after its establishment.

The studies of Cyprus History Research Centre are not confined with fore mentioned topics. The centre aims to provide the academic support to students by offering elective courses encompassing cultural, socioeconomic and political dimensions relevant to past of Cyprus. These elective courses are available for all faculties of the Near East University.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hasan Samani
The Chairman of Cyprus History Research Center