Communication Research Centre

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The Communication Research Centre was established in December 2013 under the body of Centre of Excellence of NEU, in order to produce academic and scientific sources, contribute to communication sciences and bring in insight to several issues concerning communication sciences.

The Communication Research Centre aims to carry out source research and situational analysis, establish an archive, interpret and analyse the findings and put forth scientific and data-based arguments under the study themes determined through national and international platforms.

Developing approaches and bringing in new alternatives and solutions to problems generated in communication sector of TRNC and at international level is one of the major objectives of the Communication Research Centre. In respect to this objective, the centre provides support to national and international research projects and pursues the developments.

The Communication Research Centre of NEU comprises teaching staff, research staff, and postgraduate students of Faculty of Communication of NEU, where a liberal discussion environment has already been set. The suggestions are assessed, the studies are followed up and scientific reports produced are shared with relevant parties at the centre.