Art and Design Research Center

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The mission of the Centre;
To make research and publications as well as organizing events that will have universal ideas and values which this will contribute benefits to the country and world culture through art and design.

Vision of the Centre;
To be a pioneer centre helping to find the correct value of the art and design with research and publications by developing the universal events.

Aims and Purposes of the Centre;

  • To carry out research in the field of art and design or to have such research carried out; to prepare reports on such issues, carry out projects and make publications.
  • To cooperate with national and international academic and research institutions; to organize events such as conferences, symposia, workshops, seminars, exhibitions.
  • To organize events that will lead to strengthen to interdisciplinary co-operation with the improvement of the development of diversified fields of art and design in the world.
  • To develop the copyright law regarding the works of artists and designers and provide support to protect the copyrights.
  • The realization of national and international research projects in the field of art and design in order to carry out the necessary coordination
  • To prepare work of art of TRCN and inventory databases and share those databases with the relevant department of the state.
  • Due to the increase the expansion of spheres of influence and importance of art and design in daily life, to provide consultancy service in the public and private organizations.

Our University:
Aims to contribute to the establishment of Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, Faculty of Arts and Institute of Fine Arts, and publish a magazine named ARTNEU with an art and design content.