Architecture-Design-Planning-Research Centre

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Architecture-Design-Planning-Research Centre is being planned to be established under the roof of Faculty of Architecture of NEU. The opening of the system as Education-Research and application centre is given below.

The Reason
At its 20th anniversary and the 25th of the anniversary of NEU, the Faculty of Architecture has become to a point of establishing a centre in the field of ‘Architecture-Design-Planning’. To establish such a centre has emerged as an inevitable need. The faculty has started academic undergraduate courses in three parts as; firstly Department of Architecture, secondly Department of Interior Architecture and lastly Department of Landscape Architecture was opened. This undergraduate course has come to a point of raising experts and academicians by reflecting postgraduate and PhD studies in the Department of Architecture and Interior Architecture. With this structure the faculty is able to carry out this research centre by having adequate organs. At the faculty and university it is needed to a scientific institution as a centre which is working in the field of architecture, design, planning, research, development and application.

The aim of the Centre

To make research and developments under the Faculty of Architecture of NEU and publish them to international world.
Providing a consultancy service on scientific works and every project that is needed in the public and private sector.
To increase the participation of the lecturers and students by organizing works which have scientific and artistic value
To help the students on their projects and make consultancy parallel to their research works and postgraduate education.
To give education by progressing international programs with the benefit from ERASMUS by opening summer schools.
To evaluate the works with certificates, provide education by opening scientific and profession courses and organize education in the statue of Open University.
To provide the sustainability of the international works which are done in the field of Architecture, design, planning, science and art.
The Sources of the Centre
Physical Sources
Location: The classes of the Faculty of Architecture – Workshops- Laboratories – Archives- Department Locations related with NEU – to get benefit from the design of NEU

Finance: Funds of EU
The funds of General and Education research of the Republic of Turkey
The funds from TUBİTAK
The service fee that has been charged in private sector
Own resources

Labor Force:
Academicians and Staffs of the Faculty of Architecture of NEU.
Academicians who participate outside of the faculty.
Guest Lecturers and Researchers

Members of the Centre
The instructors and research assistants of the Faculty of the Architecture of NEU are the members of the system without looking to their careers.
The permanent staff and guest instructors which are created for research work are also the members of the system they are available to get benefit from NEU.

The contact area of the Centre
Within its fundamental objectives, the centre aims to develop mutual relationships with the southern part of Cyprus, the Mediterranean Countries particularly including Turkey and with other organizations to foster and enrich cultural values and design planning. The centre will focus on carrying on sustainable activities with relevant countries.

Administration of the Centre
“The Board of Directors of the Research Centre” is responsible for the administration of the centre.
The Board of Directors consists of the Dean, the Chair persons of departments, representative of Professors and Associated Profs and doctorate degree lecturers.
The Dean is the responsible authority of the Board.
The resolutions of the Board are brought into force by the Board of Directors.
With the proposal of the Dean, the director of the Centre is selected among the members of the Board of Directors and submitted to Rectorate approval. To bring into force decisions of the Board of Directors is the under the responsibility of the director of the centre.