Applied Artificial Intelligence Research Centre

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Welcome to the Applied Artificial Intelligence Research Centre (AAIRC). The goal of AAIRC is to study intelligence, perception process of human, to produce their possible theories and design intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs. Intelligence is manifested in many different ways, including our abilities to speak, remember reason, perceive, and interact with our physical environment. Design of the tools imitating human abilities is important task of AI. Applied Artificial Intelligence Research focuses on applications of elements of artificial intelligence to different areas, including automatic control, pattern recognition, robotics, digital signal processing, vision, forecasting, learning, data communication, optimisation.

AAIRC was established by Prof.Dr. Rahib H.Abiyev in 2001 at the Department of Computer Engineering, Near East University. Since 2001 many research works have been done in the research centre. These include, design of different structures of neural networks, fuzzy neural and neuro-fuzzy systems, fuzzy wavelet neural networks, type-2 fuzzy neural systems for identification and control purposes, time-series forecasting, equalization of channel distortions, and development of fuzzy optimization models. Many articles have been published by the our researchers in the SCI/SCIE- Journals which are listed in the Web of Science.

Researchers of AAIRC are instructors, doctorate-, master- and undergraduate students of Computer Engineering Department. Seven PhD. students, near 100 MSc. students have finished their theses in the AAIRC. The researchers of AAIRC have successfully done numbers of research projects and archive success in many robotics competitions.

Nowadays Applied Artificial Intelligence Research Centre conducts research in many areas of artificial intelligence and uses AI systems for solving tasks in industry, management, engineering, administration, economic and education.

AAIRC welcomes academicians, postgraduate, undergraduate students and researchers from different research fields with novel ideas and projects.

Prof.Dr. Rahib H.Abiyev
Applied Artificial Intelligence Research Centre
Faunding Director