Tourism Management

  • Prof. Dr. Çelik Aruoba
  • Prof. Dr. Ümit Hassan
  • Prof. Dr. Aykut Polatoğlu
  • Prof. Dr. Şerife Eyüpoğlu
  • Assoc.Prof.Dr. Mehmet Aga
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bülent Evre
  • Assoc.Prof. Dr. Erdal Güryay
  • Assoc.Prof.Dr. Zeliha Khashman
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Özdeşer
  • Assoc.Prof Dr. Nurcan Özgür
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tülen Saner
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Turgut Türsoy
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dilek Latif
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ergin Akalpler
  • Assist.Prof. Dr. Ali Dayıoğlu
  • Assist. Prof.Dr. Ahmet Ertugan
  • Assist. Prof. Dr. Nil Günsel Reşatoğlu
  • Dr. Muhittin Tolga Özsağlam

  • Foundation Courses ( 3 Courses- Non Credit)
THM 111 Introduction to Tourism
THM 310 Organizational Behaviour
THM 411 Tourism Policy and Planning
  • Core Requirements ( 3 Courses- 9 Credits)
THM 512 Tourism Policy and Planning
THM 516 Research Methods + Seminar
THM 526 Strategic Management for Hospitality
  • III. Technical Elective Courses ( 4 Courses- 12 Credits + (Thesis-Non-credit)

Or (6 Courses – 18 Credits + Graduation Project (Non- credit) )

THM 510 Organizational Behaviour
THM 511 Human Resources Management In Hospitality
THM 513 Sustainable Tourism and Environment
THM 514 Tourism Economy
THM 515 Trends In Globalization and Tourism
THM 517 Project Management for Tourism
THM 518 Financial Management In Tourism
THM 519 Destination Development and Marketing
THM 520 Services Marketing In Tourism
THM 521 Crisis Management
THM 522 Analysis of Tourism Industry
THM 523 E-Commerce for Hospitality and Tourism
THM 524 New Trends In Hotel Management
THM 525 Social Responsibility and Ethics
THM 527 Customer Relations In Tourism
THM 528 Current Topics In Business and Economics
THM 529 Graduation Project
THM 530 Master Thesis
THM 531 International Tourism
THM 532 Marketing Research for Tourism
THM 559 Innovations Management
THM 561 Entrepreneurship
THM 562 Management by objections
THM 563 Cultural Issues and Communication

1.12.1. Core Requirements

Course Name: THM 512 Tourism Policy and Planning

An in-depth examination of the process of identifying needs, objectives and strategies for tourism development. The formulation and evaluation of tourism policies in advance level and plan will be studied.

Course Name: THM 516 Research Methods and Seminar

This course aims to introduce graduate students what is social research, what are the different types of research and the research process. In assisting students how to decide on a research topic, it covers practical suggestions on how to carry out literature review and develop research questionnaire. The course also focuses on data collection and alternative research methods. Academic rules, principles and research ethics are also fundamentals of this course. Finally it incorporates data analysis and effective report/thesis writing.

Course Name: THM 526 Strategic Management for Hospitality

Evaluates the role of marketing strategy within overall corporate strategic planning. Segmentation theory, brand segmentation, niche marketing, product life cycles, and positioning approaches are discussed. Emerging concepts such as visioning, relationship marketing, strategic alliances, and database marketing in tourism are studied.

1.12.2. Electives

Course Name: THM 510 Organizational Behaviour

Analysis of the formal organization from a behavioral perspective; managerial motivation, morale, and role conflict, review of participative management, management by objectives, managerial grid, 3-D approach and similar techniques.

Course Name: THM 511 Human Resources Management in Hospitality

Principles and problems of labor relations, employee relations and personel management, including employment and training of personnel, employee-employer relations, incentives, wage and salary administration, job evaluation and merit rating.

Course Name: THM 513 Sustainable Tourism and Environment

The concept, principles and practice of sustainable management are now widely acknowledged as essential factors for the tourism. This course focuses on fundamental concepts of sustainability that have application to the management of all forms of tourism. It aims to provide a theoretical and practical understanding of physical, socio-cultural and economic sustainability and its prospects for successful implementation in developed and developing countries. And this course analyses the role of governmental, business and ‘third sector’ organisations in this innovation process towards sustainable development. The course focuses on practices and instruments of actors at various levels of scale (international, national as well as regional and local) and examines the relation between tourism development, conservation and development from a variety of the theoretical perspectives.

Course Name: THM 514 Tourism Economy

This course examines tourism from an economic perspective. Topics include the determinants of consumer demand for leisure travel; structure of competition among suppliers of tourism services; benefits and costs of tourism development to the host community; government’s role in the taxation, subsidy, regulation and protection of the tourism industry; tourism’s impact on the environment; and sustainable tourism development.

Course Name: THM 515 Trends in Globalization and Tourism

This course analyses the historical evolution of the Globalizationand the effects on the society. The important implications of Globalization and the main trends in this process will be studied. The general analysis of the possible impacts on the third world countries will be examined.

Course Name: THM 517 Project Management for Tourism

Project Management is an elective course. The course will start with project management in terms of its objectives, techniques and impacts. Various from of project management will be discussed along with assessments of the values and limitations. Objectives and organisation of different stages of investment appraisal will be analysed. Financial analysis will include the development of peoforma cash flow statements and application of various investment criterions. These criterions are namely Net Present Value (NEU). Internal Rate of Return (IRR). Pay Back Period and Cost Benefit. The course will also cover the economic, risk and distributive analyses within an integrated approach model.

Course Name: THM 518 Financial Management in Tourism

The purpose of financial management and financial decisions, management of assets, short and long term financial decisions, capital markets, valuation of securities and company, the effects of inflation on financial decisions.

Course Name: THM 519 Destination Development and Marketing

This course takes a destination development and marketing approach to tourism, and focuses on the planning of destination experiences, and the management of sustainable destinations. Students will identify, and analyse in detail, how these two principles have been integrated in a variety of destinations to enhance global competitiveness. Topics include the roles and functions of governments and destination management organisations; planning and product development; policy and regulation; positioning and branding; resources, networks and partnerships; risk management and disaster recovery and the implementation sustainable tourism. This course builds on, and considers, fundamental and advanced topics in tourism marketing, governance and sustainable planning and management.

Course Name: THM 520 Services Marketing

This course examines the important and growing role services marketing plays in both consumer and organizational target markets. Discussing current issues in services marketing and customer service strategies, this course focuses on effective customer relationship management; key service delivery elements; and service recovery strategies that lead to the successful implementation of a customer focus in service-based businesses.

Course Name: THM 521 Crisis Management

Examine the roles and responsibilities of emergency management and security professionals in issues and crisis management planning, response, recovery, and prevention. And Examines contemporary theories and practice in preventing and managing crisis.  Several conceptual frameworks for analyzing the character, impact, and consequences of crises will be presented and applied to a variety of private- and public sector case studies.

Course Name: THM 523 E-Commerce for Hospitality and Tourism

This course uses current events, case studies and hands-on projects to help students understand Internet strategy, e-business and Web-based marketing. Topics include online markets, channel structure and public policy implications. Students are directed to appreciate that companies are investing globally in e-commerce efforts and technology in order to capture competitive advantage.

Course Name: THM 525 Social Responsibility and Ethics

This course is an introduction to ethical dilemmas resulting from economic, as well as business, social and legal responsibilities that people in organizations, especially managers, face daily. The course outlines the challenges concerning ethics and responsibility to the society that each functional area finds itself in, and discusses the best way to create management systems to promote employees’ ethical behavior.

Course Name: THM 528 Current Topics in Business and Economics

Discussions about the changing role and nature of management in the modern business environment form the basis of the course with special emphasis on selected topics of the management functions, processes or issues. The course aims to elucidate the new challenges faced by managers prevailing in the 21st century. The extensive use of experiential exercises, cases, and class discussions are essential, whereby students are strongly urged to actively participate in these discussions. Thus the course requires full participation by each student in the learning experience.

Course Name: THM 530 Thesis

The thesis should be a record of original work and/or a critical exposition of existing knowledge. It must make a distinct contribution to the literature and afford evidence of originality, shown either by the discovery of new facts or by the exercise of independent critical power; the MSc thesis must be defined in presence of an examining committee.

Course Name: THM 531 International Tourism

The main topics are the environment and its importance, business environment relations, management theories and environment, organizational efficiency and the environment, bureaucracy and the environment, closed system approaches, voluntary viewpoint, open-systems approaches and the environment, various environmental models in contingency approach, the relationship between organizational effectiveness and internal, external environment.

Course Name: THM 532 Marketing Research for Tourism

Basic research issues in formulating strategies for product, pricing, promotion and distribution decisions; development of measurement scales for descriptive and experimental designs; introduction to statistical package computer programs; probability sampling, univariate and multivariate data analysis methods.

Course Name: THM 559 Innovations Management

The course aims to equip management students with an understanding of the main issues in the management of innovation and an appreciation of the relevant skills needed to manage innovation at both strategic and operational levels. It provides evidence of different approaches based on real-world examples and experiences of leading organisations from around the world.