Maritime Law

Course Code Course Name Credit
DNH 514 Maritime Safety Regulations** 3
DNH 503 Maritime Labour Law 3
DNH 502 Marine Insurance Law** 3
DNH 504 Shipping Management Legal Regime 3
DNH 509 Legal Regime on Marine Pollution 3
DNH 506 Current Affairs on Maritime 3
DNH 515 Dry Cargo-Marine Transportation* 3
DNH 516 World Trade Organisation- Arbitration and Legal Entity* 3
DNH 505 Carriage of Goods by Sea Contracts* 3
DNH 516 Shipbuilding and Ship Sale Contracts 3
DNH 507 Admiralty Law** 3
DNH 508 Identification of the Parties under the Rotterdam Rules** 3
DNH 510 Maritime Arbitration** 3
DNH 511 Law of the Sea 3
DNH 513 The Transport Documents at Sea 3
DNH 512 International Trade Law*

Each Topic will be completed within 30 hours (exam times can be under the discretion of the lecturer).

NOTE: This programme is open to Cypriot and International students. The candidate must choose seven (7) lecture topics and complete a dissertation, which would be between 15,000-25,000 words long. The duration of this Master of Laws degree programme will be 2 years. Dissertation the time requirement shall be four months min and 12 months max .

The availability of any topic referred above schedule requires three (3) applicants enrolled. The programme will run six days of week except Sundays.