International Relations (AR)

Also available in: العربية

  1. General Information about the Program:The programme focuses on the political and economic aspects of globalization, human rights, peace and conflict, international organizations and the Middle East/European Union as areas of study. Students integrate and apply knowledge across disciplines in order to analyse global issues and problems. Students acquire the skills needed for a variety of professions and fields, including international affairs, foreign service, intelligence, nongovernmental organizations. Our graduates are also prepared to pursue further studies in a Ph.D. program.
  2. Degree Awarded: MA
  3. Degree Requirements: Master’s program requires two years of study, for a total of 21 national credits and 120 ECTS credits. A student should achieve at least a 3.00 CGPA out of 4.00.
    It follows a structure of advanced coursework followed by a research-based master’s thesis.Coursework usually consists of compulsory core courses as well as elective courses. This allows the student to develop advanced knowledge in their area of interest and specialize according to their specific interests.
    To be eligible for entry to the program, the student must have completed a bachelor’s degree. Other general, language and program entry requirements will also apply.
  4. Aim of the Program:  To educate individuals to possess the highest level of understanding of the functioning of international relations and to enable them to apply theory to practice thus enabling them to gain experience in their field which will eventually lead to decision making positions.
  5. Program Structure:
    • Compulsory courses: 3 + seminar
    • Elective courses: 4
    • Prerequisite courses: Yes
    • Practical training requirement: No

    In this respect, the program consists of 7 credit courses, a seminar and the MA thesis.

  6. Type of Education: Full time
  7. Language of Instruction: Arabic