Medical Biology and Genetics

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Prof. Dr. Osman Hayran
Prof. Dr. Steen Kølvraa
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Umut Fahrioğlu
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mahmut Çerkez Ergören
Assist. Prof. Dr. Can Erzik
Dr. Rasime Kalkan
TBG 600

TBG 601
Mutation definition and types. Also provides information on the mutagenic agents.

TBG 602
To provide information on current methods used in biotechnology and their applications.

TBG 603
Embryonic development and genetic mechanisms which are regulating the development.

TBG 604
Detectable cytogenetic diseases and laboratory diagnostic tests which can be applied to chromosomes, heredity, mutations, morphogenesis, and provide information on genetic disorders.

TBG 605
After completing this course, students will know how and why we give genetic counseling and the approach to dysmorphology.

TBG 606
Students do literature search of collecting information on a particular topic, present the collected information will be made into a synthesis report.

TBG 607
Project work

TBG 608
Definition of Biostatistics, analysis programs and uses

TBG 609
Information on molecular diseases and diagnostic tools

TBG 610
Information on the basis of molecular genetics of a gene and ıt’s structure and variations of the genome

TBG 611
To provide information on the mutation and mutagenic agents and the types of mutations

TGB 612
Students will learn the Molecular cytogenetic methods that are used in the laboratory, their applications and analysis.

TBG 613
Students will learn the in vivo and in vitro fertilization techniques

TBG 614

Doktora tez çalışması

Current methods in biotechnology and their application areas.

Given information about the Genetic aspects of embryonicl development, and the genetic mechanisms regulating the practice are also assessed in vitro fertilization.

Provide information on diseases and molecular cytogenetics approaches


Preimplantation genetic diagnosis application areas and methods.

Molecular detection of genomic changes in our genome and application areas.

Provide information on the principles of medical genetics, inheritance patterns and non-classical modes of inheritance.

Molecular cytogenetic applications and the analysis of these applications


Definition of Biostatistics, analysis programs and uses

Given information about the Viral and nonviral gene transfer and applications

Epigenetics and mechanisms of epigenetic effects on the human genome.


Inform about mutagenic, teratogenic agents and types of mutations.

The genetic basis of cancer and changes occurring in the cancer cells will be explained

What is genetic counseling? In what situations genetic counseling is given, approach to dysmorphology and counseling issues also will be covered.