Also available in: Türkçe, العربية

Graduate School of Education Sciences (Language of Instruction: English/Turkish) Masters Programs PhD Programs
With Thesis Without Thesis
Arts and Crafts Teaching*
Computer Education and Instructional Technology
Computer Education and Instructional Technology*
Creative Drama in Education*
Educational Administration Supervision
Educational Administration Supervision*
Educational Administration Supervision Economics and Planning
Educational Administration Supervision Economics and Planning*
Educational Programs and Instruction
Educational Programs and Instruction*
English Language Teaching
English Language Education
Environmental Education
Environmental Education*
Folklore Education *
Geography Education*
Guidance and Psychological Counselling
Guidance and Psychological Counselling*
History Education
History Education*
Human Resources Development in Education
Human Resources Development in Education*
Mathematics Education
Mathematics Education*
Measurement and Evaluation in Education*
Music Education*
Ottoman Palaeography and Archiving*
Pre-School Education*
Science Teaching*
Special Education
Special Education*
Turkish Education*

*Language of instruction is in Turkish