Track List

Our Master’s degree programme is designed to provide a solid background in different aspects of research and profession, while preparing its graduates to become experts in any of the fields of specialization offered in three tracks:

  • Track A: “IT Project Management” for students who would like to specialize in business and managerial aspects of information systems especially for organizations.
  • Track B: “Software Analysis, Design and Development” if for students who aim to acquire deeper knowledge and practical skills in Computer Science, Information Technology, Software Engineering and Information Systems. The Track B is for students who intend to work as IT experts as their future profession.
  • Track C:“Network and Security” is for students who plan have an expertise in Information systems security issues.

Compulsory Courses:
CIS 506 Scientific Research Methods
CIS 500 Master Thesis
CIS 502 Seminar

Technical Elective Courses:

  1. CIS503 Advanced Database Management Systems
  2. CIS504 Advanced Management Information Systems
  3. CIS511 Ethical Issues in Information Systems
  4. CIS512 IT Project Management
  5. CIS516 Knowledge Management
  6. CIS517 Innovations Management
  7. CIS524 Human Resource Management
  8. CIS525 Human Computer Interaction
  9. CIS529 Advanced System Analysis Methods
  10. CIS 540 Strategic Management (new)
  11. CIS546 Total Quality Management (new)
  12. CIS541 E-Commerce (new)


  1. CIS507 Advanced Object Oriented Programming languages I
  2. CIS508 Mobile Application Development
  3. CIS509 Advanced Software Engineering
  4. CIS510 Advanced Object oriented Programming Languages II
  5. CIS514 Advanced E-Learning Systems
  6. CIS521 Soft Computing
  7. CIS526 Advanced Cloud Computing Systems
  8. CIS528 Advanced Web Development
  9. CIS529 Advanced System Analysis Methods
  10. CIS533 Computer Graphics
  11. CIS534 Advanced Software Testing
  12. CIS535 Games Programming
  13. CIS536 Simulation Systems


  1. CIS505 Advanced Information Systems Security
  2. CIS513 Advanced Computer Networks
  3. CIS515 Advanced Operating Systems
  4. CIS522 Wireless and Mobile Networks
  5. CIS527 Data Mining and Online Comms
  6. CIS530 Data Comms Systems
  7. CIS531 IT Communication Technologies
  8. CIS532 Internet Technologies