PhD Programs

General Information about the Program:

The Ph.D. program in Computer Information Systems is well structured and has been designed to train and prepare students to be critical and creative independent thinkers with abilities to carry out high levels of research in the fields of information technology and business studies. The doctoral program has been designed to prepare students for teaching and research careers involving the design, analysis, and the implementation of computer and business related topics. The doctoral program starts with a solid foundation in research methodology and teaches the appropriate skills to enable students to carry out research and publish their findings in well-known and well-respected international journals. Students graduated from the doctoral program can find jobs as educators in universities, or they can join the research establishments and carry out state of the art research in the fields of computer information systems and business studies.

Degree Awarded: Ph.D.

Degree Requirements:  In order to graduate students are required to complete successfully complete 240 ECTS, have no unsuccessful courses on their transcript, and achieve at least a 3.00 CGPA out of 4.00.

Aim of the Program:
The doctoral degree program aims to offer deeper knowledge and greater competencies and expertise by focusing particularly on information issues. Graduates acquire the necessary skills so that they can carry out advanced research in the field of information technology and publish their results in well-known and well-respected international journals.

Program Structure: 

  • Main area courses: 4 (66.67%)
  • Elective courses: 3 (33.33%)
  • Prerequisite courses: Yes
  • Year that elective courses are offered: 1

In this respect, the program consists of seven (7) courses, seminar and dissertation in a total of which 66.67% are main area courses and 33.33% are technical electives.

Type of Education: Full time

Language of Instruction: English