Master Thesis

At the final year all students must take a Master Thesis. The Thesis lasts for two semesters. In the first semester students are expected to carry out literature survey and complete the theoretical, related experiment systems are set up, and first prototype of their Thesis are also set by the students. The second semester of their Thesis is allocated to improve their experimental works, prototype and modify their Thesis.

Every student studying for the Degree of Master of Science is required to complete a Thesis at the end of their studies. Students can either select from the offered list, or they can make their own written Thesis proposals which are examined and assessed by the lecturers at the department. A Thesis proposal form is filled by a student who is ready to take a Thesis. This form is signed and authorised by the Head of Department. Then a supervisor is assigned to the student and a graduation Master’s Thesis proposal form is filled in. This form gives the project title, student details, name of the supervisor assigned to the student, and the academic year. This form is signed and dated by the assigned supervisor. Students can start to work on their Thesis as soon as the Thesis is approved and a supervisor is assigned to him/her. Students and supervisors meet once every two weeks to discuss the progress made by the students. Thesis are graded by the Examining Committee and the Thesis grading form is filled in accordingly.