Graduated Masters

ID Name Thesis Title Grad. Year CGPA
20133881 Abdulqader  Jameel Omer Voice  activated smart home system for handicapped people using a mobile  device 2016 3.86
20133272 Hassan Beleid Muamer Mohammed A mobile   phone  based medication reminder system using cloud computing 2016 3.79
20135542 Nahro Kamal Saeed Using  wireless body  area networks for patient monitoring with the  help of a mobile   device 2016 3.57
20132609 Mokhtar  Saad Mokhtar Alkhattali Development  of  a computer application for handicapped people to use Gmail 2016 3.71
20133400 Kathy  Kefas A GPS-Based Mobile   Application for Tourists. 2016 3,86
20113103 MAGNUS EZEUDO ELUWA The Digital  Charateristics and Technology Use of Pupils in Nigeria. 2016 3,79
20130233 Khaled .M.A. Adweb Self-Efficacy of University Students’ towards Mobile Phone Security. 2016 3,42
20145375 Ayaz Khalid  Mohammed Investigating  Instructors’ Perspectives on Social Media Usage in  Educational Context 2016 3.06
20133883 Goran Omer Hama Cloud  Computing  Adoption by Universities of Northern Cyprus and Northern Iraq 2016 3.43
20142391 Fairouz  Alhashmi Albahloul  Belhaj Availability   of E-Commerce    Applications  in North Cyprus Universities 2016 3,75
20134379 Didar D.H.  Ameen Investigating  University  Students’Perceptions on the Safe Use of Computer and Internet Security: A Case Study in  North Part of Iraq. 2015 3.50
20135273 D.N. Christina  Chingoka Mobile   Banking Acceptance Perspective of University Students in  Zimbabwe. 2015 3,86
20145831 Abdulmalik   Ahmad.Lawan Investigating   Computer Technology Acceptance and Readiness of Students: A Case Study in Northwestern Nigeria. 2015 3.50
20131864 Salem.  M. A. Enajeh Development  of  Voice Control User Interface Software for Physically Disabled People Using Social Media. 2015 3.00
20144456 Stella  Marie Gatera Rukundo Investigating  Instructors’ and Students’ Ethical Use Of Facebook in Educational Context “: A Case Study in College of Science and Technology,  University  of Rwanda 2015 3,25
20145378 Alaa Ahmed Muhammed Challenges  and Prospects of M- Governance in Education Questionnaire 2015 2,61
20123612 Shirwan  Khairi Sherko Security  Awearness of University Students Using the Android Mobile Phone: A Case Study in  Iraq 2014 3.36
20122764 Twana Hama Saeed Hama Salh Developing  a Mobile   Application for Learning English Using Sunrise10 2014 3.86
20124328 Waleed Khalid  Murad Rizgo Developing  an Eye Tracking System for  Handicapped People 2014 3.43
20122665 Rebaz Muhammed Khalil RSTP- Solution   to Count-To- Infinity Problem And Forwarding Issues 2014 3.43
20122657 Avin  Mohammed Hassan TOR: Anonymous   Communication Enhances The Security  in Networks 2014 3.43
20124764 Luqman  Qader Abdulrahman Hanover Time  Delay and Call Drop Probability Reductions for Wimax Mobile by Using Mobility Pattern Table 2014 3.50
20122675 Diyar  Qader Saleem Zeebaree Contourlet  Transformation  for Data Hiding 2014 3.50
20124980 Abdullah  Dhanoon Younus Investigation  of a Mobile Government:  A Case Study in  Iraq 2014 3.50
20113057 Abdulla  Jassim Aldarwish Developing  Mobile   Application  for School Information System with Cloud  Computing 2014 3.86
20112768 Mustafa Asaad Mawlood Alani Developing  Decision  Model for Cloud Computer Usage in Developing Countires: Case Study for Middle   East 2014 3.56
20112963 Raghad Baker Sadiq Developing  a Mobile   Application for  Learning English 2014 3.86
20112431 Dilovan  Asaad Majee Zebari Binary-Decision-Diagram   (BDD) Approach for Digital  Logic  Circuits 2013 3.36
20112465 Zaid Dawad Comparison  of Learning Management Systems Based on Critical  Features 2013 3.76
20102365 Bilal  F. Alnamrawi Sign  Language and Gesture Recognition System Using Neural Networks 2012 3.00
20072504 Kezban Alpan Search Engine  Performance Reduction 2010 3.50
20072164 Mohammad  Musa AL- Momani An Efficient  Integrated System for Mobile  Learning 2009 3.44
20061254 Ala’a M. Momani Easy Way to Evaluate LMSs (EW-CMS) 2008 3.31