Master Programs

As a result of the recent advances and innovations in communications technology, internet, and related fields, computers have become part of everyday life. Computer Information Systems is currently one of the fastest growing fields and the demand for graduates in this field is increasing all the time. The Master Degree programme offered by the department combines the information technology with the latest advances in the field of business administration, and aims to train students in these fields by teaching them advanced topics at the graduate level and prepare them for a career in computer related jobs. In addition, the Master Degree programme aims to provide students additional in-depth knowledge in computer information systems through promoting social and environmental values related to IT field. Furthermore, curriculum aims to improve competencies particularly oriented to the professional practice and life-long learning.

Our graduate programme has been designed to give students both a theoretical and a practical understanding of the advanced fundamental issues related to computers and their use in everyday life. The Master Degree programme is well structured and has been designed with the aim of providing an excellent foundation in many areas of the current computer technology and business studies related topics. The programme offers courses in computer software, database systems, computer architecture, operating systems, computer networks, mobile devices, software engineering, software project management, and business applications of computers. Information Technology has become an inevitable component of everyday life as well as of academic and professional fields. The MS degree provides advanced training for both academic and professional specialization.

Degree Awarded: M.Sc.

Degree Requirements:  In order to graduate students are required to complete successfully complete 120 ECTS, have no unsuccessful courses on their transcript, and achieve at least a 3.00 CGPA out of 4.00.

Aim of the Program: 

The Master degree programme aims to teach and develop the leadership skills of students at graduate level so that they can take managerial positions and be leaders in their future careers. The department also aims to ensure that those students who wish to continue into postgraduate studies at the Doctoral level are equipped with the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge and the abilities to carry out research in a professional manner after graduating from the department. For these purposes, the programme aims to gain deeper knowledge, competencies and expertise on particularly focusing on three tracks as; IT Project Management, System Analysis Design and Development and Network and Security.