The admissions requirements are set-up in such a way that it supports the students in reaching the intended programme learning outcomes by the end of the 2-year Masters study period at the Department of Computer Information Systems.

The admissions and entry requirements ensure that the students who are admitted to the degree programme possessed the required competencies and formal training required to be able to follow the Masters Degree programme successfully. These requirements ensure that all admitted students are treated equally.

Students admitted to the department come from three sources:

• Local students, who are citizens of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC)

• Students from Turkey, who are Turkish citizens

• Students from other countries (foreign students), such as Iraq, Libya, Nigeria, Palestine, and so on.

Because the medium of teaching is in English, the language Faculty of English language assesses the level of their English. Those students who have certificates and who have already passed English Language proficiency examinations are exempt from the English preparation school and are admitted directly to the department where they are enrolled for the first year and first semester of their studies. Those students whose levels of English writing and communication skills are below the required standards are admitted to the English preparatory school of the university. The English preparatory school offers concentrated teaching of the English language reading, writing, and communication skills. The duration of the preparatory school is one academic calendar. Successful students are admitted to the department at the end of their studies at the English preparatory school.

Master students joining the department from other fields are required to take scientific preparatory courses from the department’s undergraduate programme. The minimum acceptable grade from these preparatory courses is CC. Students completing the scientific preparatory courses successfully can join the Masters Degree programme of the department.

Candidates should have a bachelor’s degree from related fields of study before they can join the department. The Bachelor’s degrees granted from universities of North Cyprus and the Council of Higher Education shall approve Turkey. Applicants must get a minimum score of 55 from the related test parts of ALES (Examination for Academic Personnel and Postgraduate Education) or equivalent grade from GMAT or GRE exams, and a minimum score of 50 from UDS or KPDS (Governmental Foreign Language Proficiency Test English) or equivalent grade from TOFEL, IELTS, CEFLE, ZDF. Candidates, who meet the requirements mentioned above, are given an interview on the study field at the beginning of each fall and spring semesters.

1. Requirements for Applications to Postgraduate Programs
The requirements to apply for a postgraduate degree program at the Near East University are as follows:

1) Graduating from a BSc or BA level undergraduate program.

2) Obtaining a score minimum 55 which is relevant to intended study field from Academic Postgraduate Education Exam (ALES) (only applies to Turkish Citizens).

3) Turkish Proficiency (Required only for foreign students applying to Departments whereby the language of instruction is Turkish. Students applying to the Faculty of Medicine or Dentistry are required to have knowledge of the Turkish Language before beginning clinical training).

2. Documents Required for Application
1) Copy of undergraduate diploma

2) ALES result for students from Turkey

3) Transcript

4) Copy of passport

5) 2 passport size photos

6) 2 reference letters

7) Curriculum Vitae

Application forms can be obtained from this web page or the Registrar’s Office. Students whose applications evaluated are called for interviews or exams on previously announced dates and following that, the final decision about the applications are announced. Application dates are different for each term and these dates are announced via media.

Turkish Proficiency is available at the Turkish Language School of Near East University offering foreign students the opportunity to learn Turkish relevant to the department/program they have been enrolled in.

3. Recognition of Prior Learning
Lateral transfer is possible for students of Master’s programmes who have successfully completed at least one semester at another department of the same university and the same institute, or at a Master’s programme of another equivalent institute of another higher educational institute. According to the related bylaws, the committee of the relevant department determines the courses that a lateral transfer student should take within the scope of “programme Adjustment”. The advisor and the Head of Department suggest the determination of which and how many of the previously taken courses should be recognized within scope of the minimum course load.

Transfer students join the Masters programme from other universities. These students are exempt from only ¾ of the Masters courses in our department. These students must take the remaining ¼ of the courses from our department in addition to the compulsory Seminar course and the Masters Thesis.

Students are required to fill an application form before they are accepted to the university. A blank application form is shown in Appendix D. The university seeks to admit academically qualified students who desire a challenging and comprehensive education in the departments. The filled application form is available online. Students can send their applications either online or alternatively by post.