Some of the activities of the Computer Information Systems Department are displayed in the website of the Near East University and published as news in the national papers. Briefly, the displayed and published activities of the department in the last semester are as follows:

4 April 2016Joint Venture Between the NEU and the TRNC Information Association
A joint venture was signed between the NEU Department of Computer Information Systems and the TRNC Information Association with the aim of working on joint projects.

3 May 2016Information and Health were Discussed
Information and Health were discussed in the activity organized by the Department of Computer Information Systems and the Information Systems and Technologies Research Center, which belongs to the Center of Excellence.

3 June 2016 IT Project Management workshop
The “IT Project Management” workshop was held in cooperation with the Department of Computer Informatics of Near East University, Informatics Association and Chamber of Computer Engineers. The moderator of the workshop was Prof. Dr. Nadire Çavuş, Head of the Department of Informatics, and the workshop was held at the labs of the Department of Informatics.