Graduate School of Applied Sciences

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A Message from Director of Institute
Commencing to academic life or specialization after the basic university education begins with the graduate programs and advances further. The Near East University considering this fact, gives importance to graduate and post-graduate studies in science-based branches, in other words, to Master of Science (MSc) programs and Ph.D. programs. NEU Institute of Applied Sciences was established for this purpose and offers quality graduate and postgraduate education with well-qualified teaching staff in ten branches including basic sciences, engineering, architecture and maritime studies. The Institute of Applied Sciences is also carrying out the necessary studies to increase the number of scientific branches, particularly in interdisciplinary scientific branches.

Acceptance and admission of students to graduate programs starts at the beginning of each academic term through the determination of quotas by the department in charge of implementing the program. In the following process, the Rectorate makes the relevant announcement in accordance with the academic calendar. The relevant information on procedures to be followed throughout the application process can be obtained from both NEU Student Affairs Office and from the web page of the institute. Further information regarding the admission procedures for the graduate programs is provided at the NEU Graduate Regulations which is available at the websites of each institute.

Almost all graduate students enrolled to graduate or postgraduate programs are either research staff of the university or someone who work elsewhere. Thus, ensuring regular attendance to courses is only possible by determining the most appropriate course hours for each student. Becoming aware of this necessity, the teaching and administrative staff of the departments of the Institute implement flexible course hours. For example, the courses may be given after the regular office hours, or at the weekends.

Graduate students can benefit from all rights provided for students by the university and, during the courses and thesis preparations process, can also benefit from all facilities of the Grand Library and laboratories.

At the programs of the Institute of Applied Sciences, it is possible to carry out all master programs with thesis, and some with or without with thesis. Regulations, terms and conditions relevant to programs with or without thesis are given in NEU Graduate Thesis Regulations. Whether the graduate program is conducted with or without thesis, every single thesis bearing the name of the Near East University and stamp of the NEU Institute of Applied Sciences must deserve it. This is only possible through a scientific content of the high standard, high quality written presentation, and quality printing. Contrary applications, conduct or practice will cause the failure of students. A “Thesis Writing Guide” has been released to guide the graduate students and made available at the web page of the Institute of Applied Sciences for easy access.

All sort of information regarding the Institute of Applied Sciences can both be obtained from the web page of the institute, from directorates of relevant departments, and from the Directorate of the institute. The Directorate of the institute can be contacted via e-mail and telephone numbers are given below.

Director of Graduate School of Applied Sciences
Prof. Dr. Nadire ÇAVUŞ