Havva Hanım Farm

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Havva Hanım, Education-Training, Research and Practice Farm of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the Near East University was established on a 253 acres land in Akçiçek area of the Kyrenia.

The purpose of the Farm
The aim of the Farm is to raise confident, well informed veterinarians who will be able to create a healthy public environment by producing quality animal nutrition and serving a welfare barn. The another purposes of the farm is to focus on improving and increasing the productiveness of the bovine, ovine and poultry animals by doing researches with modern animal breeding technology. It also does researches on forage crops, forages and animal nutrition in order to protect animal genetic resources, organic animal breeding and biotech farming.

Basic Branches applied in the Farm

  1. The focus is on the production and training of new generations who would be productive and resistant to the new environment conditions by using the biotechnological methods in the field of breeding and rearing. Therefore, in that way this would be helpful for not only the animal breeders in terms of increasing the existing animal productivity but also would contribute to the country economy.
  2. The aim is to build the farm and the animal shelter which would be used in the animal production and breeding in the field of Zootechnics. Also, the farm intended to organize the modern, technological and scientific equipments which would be used for the animal welfare in that field. Therefore one of the main objectives is to increase the production of animal breeding by breeding new generations of high fertility in order to make a big impact on country livestock.
  3. The aim is to provide a healthy environment for the herd animals, to develop the preventive medicine, to remove the potential diseases-causing agents from herds and its eradication by vaccinating them with prophylactic and chemotherapeutic applications. As a result of these studies, the possible epidemics and the economical losses based on animal productiveness caused by those possible epidemics are aimed to be reduced.
  4. The aim is to inform the public about zoonosis deseases, how it can be infected and how it can be cured by doing researches and studies in order to protect the public health.
  5. The aim is to control the animal nutrition in the field of food hygiene and its technology in a safe way from the production stage to kitchen stage. Thus, the prevention of zoonotic diseases that may be caused by animal food is intended.
  6. The aim is to create a formation which can plan and perceive macro and micro markets which target animal production and marketing having basic economy and management information in the field of animal economy.
  7. The aim is to do the foresight researches at the undergraduate and postgraduate education and training programs for trainees to give practical work and studies services with all the provided equipments.