Department of Biostatistics

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The Department of Biostatistics which began lecturing activity in the academic year of 2010-2011 was established with the contributions of Assoc. Prof. Dr. İ.Safa GÜRCAN who is appointed by Ankara University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Department of Biostatistics.

Statistic is the collection of the methods where data collection is gathered, organised, summarised, presented and analysed in order to obtain the best result.

Statistical studies which was applied to the health issues developed over some period of time and became the Department of ‘Biostatistics’ which was generally known as Department of Statistics before.

Near East University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine gives one-term covering ‘Biostatistics’ lectures to its undergraduate students for the purpose of training in the implementation of Biostatistics. The classes are mainly based on basic biostatistics terminology at first. The parametric and non parametric tests which are essential for statistical analyses are explained with the topics such as sampling methods in order to create the future scientific studies.