Department of Reproduction and Artificial Insemination

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The Department of Reproduction and Artificial Insemination of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine is concerned with the science of; reproductive physiology, endocrinology, cryobiology, reproduction and supportive reproduction techniques for both in male and female animals. In addition, this department also closely deals with fertility, infertility and sterility.

The students who choose to study at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine initially start their education and training on the following practical and theoretical subjects: In Reproduction and Artificial Insemination the students are provided information on; reproductive anatomy and physiology in female animals, endocrinology, synchronisation, superovulation and embryo transfer; and also reproductive anatomy and physiology, endocrinology, semen collection and preservation, freezing and artificial fertilization.

In the Department of Reproduction and Artificial Insemination, students are provided practical and theoretical information on: Reproduction, Artificial Insemination and Andrologia, Artificial Insemination Techniques for Cats and Dogs.