Department of Internal Diseases

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Department of Internal Diseases of Faculty of Veterinary of Near East University facilitates theoretical and practical information on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and protection methods against these diseases. Internal Diseases, Forensic Veterinary, Exotic Animal Diseases modules are provided as part of the study at the Department of Internal Diseases.

The Internal Diseases Clinic is divided into two units: Big Animal Clinic and Small Animal Clinic. The clinical practices of students of this department are not restricted with only these two clinics and therefore mobile clinic are organised to facilitate more opportunities for practice.

The principal practices for small animal veterinary are; gastroenterology and urinary system, haematology, cardiology, endocrinology, endotoxemia and endotoxic shock, dermatology, infectious diseases such as- ehrlichiosis and Leishmaniasis, animal psychology and exotic animals.

The principal practices for big animal veterinary are; ruminant digestive system, metabolism, BIV, BLV, lamb-goat plague, infectious diseases such as- listoriosis, neonatal diseases, respiratory and digestive system diseases in horses.