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I was born in Elazığ on 23rd of May in 1963. I did my studies with followed names of the schools localized in Elazığ as Dumlupınar Elementary School (1969-1974), Mezre Middle School (1974-1977) and Elazığ High School (1977-1980). For undergraduate education, I entered Veterinary Faculty of Fırat University in 1980 and was graduated from there in 1985. In February 1986, I was attended as a research assistant in the Department of Physiology of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Ankara University.

In 1988, I was sent to England by Higher Education Council for doing PhD. I finished doing my theses named “Effects of dietary deprivation on small and large intestinal transport in the mouse” and got degree of Doctor of Philosophy on 20th of February in 1993.

I did my short term duty in Army between 15th of January – 15th of March in 1994 in the city named Burdur. I got the position in the department as an Associate Professor on 21st of January in 1997 and Professor on 15th of April in 2003. I worked in Institute of Health Science as a Vice Director for 3 months beside the duties I took in the different commissions.

I have been a member of the Society of Turkish Physiologic Science. I have performed on the topics of animal behaviour, intestinal transport and motility, ECG, Doppler and supervised master and PhD theses. Beside those, I had been in Hannover Veterinary Faculty of Germany and Kosice Veterinary Faculty of Slovakia as a lecturer under the program of ERASMUS. I am fluent in English.
I have been in the position of Professorship in the Department of Physiology of Veterinary Faculty of Near East University since 22nd of September 2014. I am married, with a son and daughter. My hobbies include reading, watching film, playing ud and trekking.