Prof. Dr. Selim ASLAN

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He completed his primary, secondary and high school education in Ankara. Afterwards he learned German in Bremen (Germany) and selected Veterinary education after leaving business and economics education which he started in Bremen. He was graduated from Uludag University Veterinary Faculty in 1983. He worked as an assistant veterinary next to a veterinary family in Bad-Hersfeld town close to Frankfurt. In 1985, he started working as a research assistant in Ankara University Veterinary Faculty. When receiving a scholarship from Austrian Government (ÖAD)aftera project written by him was approved, he started working together with Prof. Dr. K. Arbeiter initially for the project study and then in his doctorate and clinical fields (large, small animals)in Austria in 1987. During this period he made several presentations in fertility and sterility congresses in Munich, Giessen and Berlin. He was present in USA in 1992 and 2011 for two months in each time in order to observe various study and methods. He became associate professor in 1992 and professor in 2000. During this period, he was invited to Vienna Veterinary Faculty various times for working together and as a result of these invitations; various studies were performed between Turkey and Austria under the scope of scientific cooperation opportunities. Together with his assistants, he attended to the congresses in various cities of Germany (Berlin, Munich, Giessen, Hannover, Leipzig) and Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Belgium, Poland, Hungary, Netherlands, Italy, etc… and performed presentations related with advanced gynecological techniques. In 1998, he worked in Vienna University as a guest professor. Starting from 1987, he worked in student education, researches and herd development and health in Vienna VeterinaryUniversity Research and Development Farm together with Prof.Dr. K. Arbeiter and starting from that period he applied ultrasound diagnosis in pregnancy, cycle determination and embryonic deaths. He performed studies on luteal blood flow with color Doppler in Hannover with DAAD scholarship. His scientific studies still continue in international scientific project basis withVienna Veterinary University Obstetrics, Gynecology, Andrology and Artificial Insemination, Zurich University Anatomy-Histology and also Cattle clinic and in various faculties in Turkey. Besides he has been working in various countries and Turkey about development of general herd health, improvement of fertility parameters in the field of reproductive herd management anddetermination of effective factors and breeding healthy herds by taking precautionsfrom 1989 until today. He gave conferences with various invitations in various countries: One of them was due to the invitation of AustrianVeterinary Chamber entitled“Endometritis treatment options in cows and recent developments” another one was due to the congress held for Prof. Dr. K. Arbeiterentitled“Use and application of Cabergolinfor induction of abortion in dogs, another one was due to invitation from Switzerland entitled“Current contraception methods in cats and dogs”. He worked together with Prof.Hoffmann (Giessen), with Prof.Dr.Leidl and Stolla (Munich)in Germany, with Prof.Dr. K.Arbeiter, Prof.Dr. Schaefer-Somi, M.Drillich) in Austria, with Prof.Dr. H.Bollwein, Prof.Dr. Boos and A.O. Prof.Dr. Kowalewski in Switzerland and AO Prof.Dr. Sandra K. Georicke-Peschin Copenhagen – Denmark and he still continues. He published his studies innational and international Veterinary Obstetrics and Gynecology journals with high impact factors (Reproduction, Animal Reproduction Science, Theriogenology, Reprod Dom Anim) and he still publishes together with his study group in Turkey and abroad. Also publications from these journals are sent to him as a reviewer. He has 86 publications many of which are international and also preparing new publications from ongoing projects. The number of congresses he attended or performed presentations in various countries is over 50. The studies are generally made about definition of reproductive immunology, reproductive molecular biology or fetomaternal interaction and inflammation of uterus and abortus… and continuous exchange of information is being made in these fields in various countries. Studies in cattle are focused on lutealblood flow, new methods in the diagnosis of endometritis, hormonal treatments, echotexture, acupuncture and its effect on luteal blood flow, puerperium. Also in dogs he has internationally published articles about contraception in dogs (suppression of estrus, medical termination of unwanted pregnancy in early stages), postpartum period, pathologies of pregnancy and mammary tumors. It is possible to reachhis publications through “ReserchGate” scientific communication site (

One of his special fields of study is alternative treatment methods (Homeopathy and acupuncture) and he uses these methods in treatment when necessary. He received his alternative treatment techniques education in Vienna Veterinary University from Prof.Dr.Kothbauer. Prof.Dr. Selim Aslan is married and father to a child. He is a member of ESDAR (European Society for Domestic Animal Reproduction).