Prof. Dr. Hasan Melih YAVUZ

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Prof. Dr. Hasan Melih YAVUZ was born in Tavşanlı, Kütahya, TURKEY in the 18 th of April in 1961. He was graduated from Uludağ University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, in 1984 and recieved his PhD degree from İstanbul University in 1989. He was assigned as an Associate Professor in 1992 and as a Full Professor in 1997, in the department of animal nutrition and nutritional deseases at the Uludag University, He worked on nutrition and nutritional desases of ruminant animals, especially on the dairy cattle. He completed many scientific project in Scientific Project Department of Uludağ University, TUBİTAK and TAEK, as a coordinator and researcher. In the same time, Prof.Dr Hasan Melih YAVUZ served as a manager in several department of Ünivetsity of Uludağ. He retired from Uludag University in 2010. He has memberships in many professional societies in Turkey

Prof.Dr. Hasan Melih YAVUZ still continues to work as a scientific consultant in the private companies , and to work at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine/Near East University.

He is married and has a child.