Assoc. Prof. Dr. Wayne J. FULLER

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He was born in Hastings, UK in 1965. He undertook his university education as a mature student following a successful career in the civil service. He graduated in June 2000 with a BSc in Zoology from the University of Wales, Swansea. Since graduating, he worked as a Research Assistant at the Department of Zoology, University of Oxford and as part of the UK government‘s operation to deal with the Foot and Mouth Disease outbreak in Devon.

Following two field seasons as a volunteer as part of the Marine Turtle Research Group project in Northern Cyprus, he took over as project co-ordinator in 2002. This he carried out in tandem with his doctoral research which begun in July 2002 at Exeter Universities, Centre for Ecology and Conservation. In 2005, he married and moved to North Cyprus, completing his PhD studies in 2007. From 2008, he was employed as a lecturer at the European University of Lefke. In 2008, he received the title Assistant Professor and was made deputy director of a newly established Marine and Fisheries Research Institute. He began working at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in September 2013.

He has published over 25 academic papers both SCI ranked and as proceedings at International Symposia. He is has also refereed manuscripts for a number of highly ranked scientific journals. He was recently the key expert zoologist on an EU project to implement Nature 2000 in Northern Cyprus and is currently the coordinator for the Marine Turtle Conservation Project in North Cyprus.

Broad research specialisms:

His research is predominately based around the conservation and ecology of marine turtles, which is focused on the Mediterranean populations of green and loggerhead turtles. He is also actively involved in the conservation planning of terrestrial species and habitats with a particular interest in avian conservation.


BSc (Hon) Zoology, University of Wales, Swansea.
PhD Biological Sciences, University of Exeter.