Information on the Program

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  1. Name of Program: Religious Graduate (BA) Program of Faculty of Theology – Near East University
  2. The program is carried out within the academic body of Faculty of Theology – Near East University and the language of instruction is in Turkish.
  3. Objectives and vision of program:
    • Carrying the higher religious education in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus to an international platform and taking the perception of Islam to a contemporary level.
    • To raise competent individuals who are able to have a say in the issues related to Islam, which is gradually becoming a concern of great importance in the world, and to raise pundits who are democratic and respectful towards values.
    • Contribute to the upbringing of human resources who can; facilitate religious educational activities, follow up on religious literature on international bases, publish and implement necessary research.
  4. The program will be started off in the academic year of 2011-2012. For the first year, 60 students are going to be accepted to the program. During the next five years, we are planning to enrol 60-100 students for each academic year.
  5. Graduates of this program are going to receive the title of “theologian”.
  6. Just as having the opportunity to be recruited in relevant employment fields, the graduates of this program also have the opportunity to carry out all types of academic religious studies and services through international platforms.
  7. Requirements to graduate from this program:
  8. Apprentice and relative applications are not obligatory.
  9. The obligatory and elective course codes, course names and credits are revealed in the attachment 1.1.
  10. Course outlines of all the courses comprised within the program and the course of books are revealed in attachment 1.2
  11. There are a lot of Departments of Islamic Studies in continents of America and Europe, in England (SOAS), at Canada McGill and University of California, at University of Los Angeles (UCLA). There are over forty faculties of religious studies within Turkey. Just as education on international relations, medicine, engineering, economy, law and literature and alike are given; education on religious studies will also be given through parallel aims.
  12. The program is strengthened with collaboration with the long-established Faculty of Theology, Marmara University.