Faculty of Theology

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Faculty of Theology

The Faculty of Theology was founded in the academic year 2011-2012. It is one of our unique faculties since all its quotas are allocated to full-scholarships.

The education program of the Faculty is in correspondence with the Faculty of Theology of Marmara University, Turkey.

Besides being the first Faculty of Theology in North Cyprus, it is also the first faculty to be opened in a private foundation university.

The Faculty’s missions are: to enhance religious studies by providing an international level of education relative the field created by Islam and appertains, to facilitate research and inquisition, to bring up highly qualified individuals who are specialists in their fields to become religious officials and religious teachers, to facilitate the internalization of national, religious, spiritual, moral and cultural values and to keep these values alive, to bring up strong minded youth to support and contribute to the development of Turkish Republic and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Our vision is to be an establishment which provides education at an international level, to be a centre of attraction for the neighbour countries and to contribute to the perception of religion at a universal dimension by regarding academic methods as a fundamental issue within the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.