Faculty of Sports Sciences

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Dear Friends,

School of Physical Education and Sports of the Near East University was established in 1997 and it consists of; Department of Physical Education and Sports Teaching, Department of Sports Management, Department of Sports Trainers Education. It is the first school of its kind in Northern Cyprus and thus it is a pioneer figure in this field.

Our mission is bringing up the most contemporary and self-renewing teachers, sports trainers and managers. In this respect, our mission is also having the ability to induce quality labour, entrepreneur, become a leading figure in prompting the internalization of local sports’ culture, being able to find solutions to problems via scientific principles, become an institution that raises professionals at national and international level.

Our vision is to be an pioneer institution of education which provides a reformist approach with all its energy and compassion to Physical Education and Sports Sciences, and focus on total quality, and become brave to be able to take risks, and show a high performance in this field.

Parallel to the mission and vision mentioned above, the Near East University-School of Physical Education and Sports possess the following duties and features:

    • School of Physical Education and Sports of the Near East is the first and only model of its kind, regarding its status within the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
    • We posses qualitative and quantitative academic staff in terms of academic and social perspectives
    • Our academic staff follow the “open doors” policy and thus listen to their students and focus on student- centred solutions
    • We provide opportunities to “view and be a participant observer”
    • Compared to the other schools of its kind, our school is superior in facilitating sports facilities, equipment and resources
    • Seminars, courses and conferences concerning physical education and sports sciences are regularly held and the students are encouraged to actively contribute to them
    • We enhance “efficient communication and student centeredness” in solving problems,
    • Starting from the first year, an advisor provides continuous advise on planning the students’ career and hence motivate the students
    • We provide intensive communication with all the sports establishments (establishments such as sports clubs, sports centres, etc) , either within campus or out of campus, to provide employment opportunities for our students
    • We are putting forward a great effort in facilitating the utilization of technologies used both in teaching physical education and in sports sciences.
    • Just as before, we assure that our students will be actively involved in executing EUROFIT Tests as well as being involved in government projects regarding Physical Education, Health and Sports Programs and so on.
    • We provide relative connections and continual support on assisting our graduates for their employment in appropriate fields regarding their education

To conclude, any medium of contemporary physical education and sports sciences is available at the NEAR!

Best Regards,

Prof. Dr. Mehtap TİRYAKİOĞLU