Department of Pharmaceutical Technology

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Scientific Study Areas
Both training and research laboratories at the department are equipped with the latest high-tech devices and instruments in order to facilitate the preparation of medicinal products in accordance with magistral prescriptions. Our experienced and competent academic staff are prepared to bring in innovative contributions in the field of Pharmaceutical Technology. The staff not only encourages the students to collaborate in R&D (research and development) studies but also provides them with basic training in production of pharmaceutical dosage forms and quality control tests. At the Department, Compaction Simulator; a device which hasn’t been included in the curricula of faculties of pharmacy so far and requires specialized field knowledge, is available in R&D lab to contribute pharmaceutical industry and facilitate studies of pharmacy students in this field. The ESH Powder Compaction Simulator is used by most major pharmaceutical companies. Our Department can contribute to R&D in pharmaceutical industry by means of this important device and can carry out joint scientific studies with other relevant establishments.

Educational Programs
Undergraduate (Bachelor)
NEPHAR 303 Pharmaceutical Technology-I
NEPHAR 304 Pharmaceutical Technology Lab-I
NEPHAR 312 Pharmaceutical Technology-II
NEPHAR 313 Pharmaceutical Technology Lab II
NEPHAR 318 Cosmetology
NEPHAR 400 Pharmaceutical Technology III
NEPHAR 411 Pharmaceutical Technology Lab III
NEPHAR 412 Pharmacokinetics and Biopharmaceutics
NEPHAR 413 Pharmaceutical Technology-IV
NEPHAR 414 Pharmaceutical Technology Lab-IV
NEPHAR E 801 Industrial Pharmacy