Pharmaceutical Botany

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Scientific Research Areas
The Department of Pharmaceutical Botany, equipped with the latest high-tech devices and instruments, offers scientific research opportunities at the research labs and student labs under the supervision of experienced subject specialists and competent academic staff. Besides, the department conducts interdisciplinary and collaborative studies and projects. The courses at the department cover theoretical background and practical applications. The courses emphasize the pharmaceutical importance of the general study on pharmaceutical plants, medicinal plants. Naming of plants and drugs, botanical characteristics, classification of plants, identification of the pharmaceutical plants and drugs, their biologically active components and usage, plants used in producing of vaccine, serum and antibiotics, Medicinally important plant families, derived drugs, biologically important components and usage. Distribution and uses of medicinal flora in Turkey and in the TRNC, uses of traditional herbal medicines by ethnobotany research.Basically, the scientific studies and researches at the department, listed under the following headings

  • Treatment oriented research studies on medicinal plants, studies on biological activities
  • Morphological and microscopic methods in analyzing herbal drugs
  • Studies to determine the uses of herbal medicines and do inventory studies (to identify and determine uses of traditional herbal medicines by ethno botany research)
  • Plant tissue culture techniques to produce plants and /or secondary metabolites, and plant cell – tissue biotechnology techniques in the studies of new drug R&D (Research and Development) activities
  • Interdisciplinary joint studies for the determination of active substance

Educational Programs
Undergraduate (Bachelor):
NEPHAR 207 Pharmaceutical Botany
NEPHAR 208 Pharmaceutical Botany Lab.
NEPHAR 404 Phytotheraphy/Phytopharmacy