Department of Pharmacology

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Scientific Study Areas
The Department of Pharmacology, equipped with the latest high-tech devices and instruments, offers scientific research opportunities at the research labs and student labs under the supervision of experienced and competent academic staff. Besides, the department conducts interdisciplinary and collaborative projects.

Basically, the scientific studies and research at the department, listed under the following headings, are being reviewed and evaluated on regular basis at seminars by lecturers and their assistants:
The physical and chemical properties of drugs
Biochemical, pharmacological and physiological effects of drugs
Mechanisms of drug action
Absorption-distribution-biotransformation and excretion of drugs
The therapeutic use of drugs
Weekly articles

Our department carries out research on rational drug use and pharmacovigilance applications relating to the detection, assessment, understanding and prevention of adverse effects and drug interactions, particularly long term and short term side effects of medicines.

Educational Programs

205 NEPHAR, Pharmacology I
211 NEPHAR, Pharmacology II
307 NEPHAR, Pharmacology III
Rational Drug Use
Graduate: Master and PhD