Clinical Pharmacy

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Scientific Study Areas
As a result of the cooperation with the university hospital, the department offers opportunities to the pharmacists to participate in the healthcare team in order to benefit from clinical pharmacy services such as patient follow-up and drug treatment monitoring.Studies, emphasizing the role of pharmacists on disease prevention, on early diagnosis and treatment monitoring are being conducted in hospital and pharmacy environments. These studies focus on engaging the students within an actual patient care environment so that the students may integrate academic knowledge with applied therapeutics. Consequently, the theoretical knowledge becomes more comprehensive and productive. The objective of the program is to provide the students with an opportunity to acquire the practical skills that are needed to enter into the profession of pharmacy. The underlying principle for the program is that pharmacy practitioners are responsible for the outcomes of drug therapy in patients. Under the appropriate supervision the students will take responsibility to produce beneficial and positive outcomes of drug therapy in various practice settings.

We also aim to offer opportunities to the pharmacists to take effective and active participation in the health care issues such as:
Rational drug therapy in acute and chronic diseases
Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM) for drug interactions, drug side effects/toxicity, Narrow Therapeutic Range (NTR) drugs, blood level monitoring and dose adjustment and the use of different dosage forms, etc.
Patient education and counseling
Provide consulting services in pharmacovigilance (drug safety) not only for patients but also for physicians and other healthcare personnel.
Post-graduate programs are also being carried out in order to meet the technical and professional needs of pharmacists in vocational training.
In addition, the facility ofClinical Pharmacy- Drug Information Center are being carried out by our department.

Educational Programs
NEPHAR 409 Clinical Pharmacy I
NEPHAR 416 Clinical Pharmacy II
NEPHAR 802 Clinical Rounds
-OTC drugs
-Pharmaceutical Care