Pharmacist Spec. Ahmet Sami BOŞNAK

Also available in: Türkçe, العربية

He graduated from Gazi University Faculty of Pharmacy, Ankara, Turkey in 1998. He worked as a community pharmacist between 1998-2004, and as a consultant in the field of Medical Devices CE Certification in European Union Business Development Center, Turkey between 2004-2006. He accomplished Master’s Degree in Molecular Genetics (2004). In 2006, he started to work as Chief Pharmacist in Gaziantep University Oncology Hospital. He is the founder of Turkey’s first Antineoplastics Preparation Center. In 2015, he started giving lectures in the field of Oncology Pharmacy at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Near East University. Since 2017, he is a lecturer at the Near East University Faculty of Pharmacy in TRNC to share his knowledge and experiences. He currently teaches Oncology and Nutritional Support Pharmacy at Clinical Pharmacy Department. In 2009, Bosnak founded the Turkish Oncology Pharmacists Association (TOPA). He is currently the President of TOPA. In 2007, Turkey won recognition of the European Society of Oncology Pharmacy (ESOP) as a full member by Bosnak’s initiatives. Since 2013 Bosnak is Vice President of the ESOP’s Board of Directors. He is also co-founder of Asia, Africa and Middle East Hospital Pharmacists Union. Bosnak was invited to give a briefing about “The New Techniques Developed in the Field of Chemotherapy Drug Preparation and Clinical Pharmacy” to the “Research Commission Established in Order to Determine the Precautions to be taken on the Cancer Disease” by the Turkish Parliament. Bosnak is the owner of the 2010 TEB Turkish Pharmacy Academy Special Award given for “Due to the Prosperous Scientific Researches in Oncology Pharmacy”. He is organising an advanced level certificated education program named “Antineoplastics Preparation Techniques and Safe Room Management”. Bosnak has two printed books “Oncology Pharmacist’s Handbook” – “10 Steps Formula; Clinical Oncology Pharmacy”, editorships in scientific journals, continuing education articles for oncology pharmacists “Continuing Education Letters for Clinical Oncology Pharmacist”, book translations like Quality Standards of Oncology Pharmacy, and numerous taken plaques and awards. Bosnak still representing Oncology Pharmacy Practice in many international R&D activities and scientific committees.