Department of Drama Writing

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The Department of Dramatic Writing started its departmental studies, along with the Department of Acting, in the academic year 2005-2006. It gave its third graduates in the spring term.

As part of a Vocational School, Dramatic Writing involves a program, which is a 4 year study at university level, and provides text and scenario writing techniques for stage; cinema; television; and radio. Besides the common lessons shared with the Department of Acting, the Department of Dramatic Writing facilitates core modules regarding writing techniques, cultural courses, theoretical courses and practical courses to develop students’ stage skills. Just as Department of Acting, the Department of Dramatic Writing possesses academic staff who are well-known figures in their fields facilitating education and training to students throughout their studentship at the department for 4 years.

Students who wish to pursue study at the Department of Dramatic Writing are required to acquire the base point at the Students Selection Examination(ÖSS) held by Turkey and are also required to be individuals; with an ability to develop imagery; equipped with writing and researching skills. Students meeting the requirements mentioned above can apply for the aptitude test held by the department. There are no AGE LIMITATIONS for those who wish to apply for the department. Students who will be taking the aptitude test are only required to bring a pencil and an eraser.

The aptitude tests of the Department of Dramatic Writing are held in the last week of every September, at the Faculty of Performing Arts. Students who succeed the aptitude test gain the right to undertake studies with a 50% scholarship funded by the Near East University.

Students who complete the 4 year of study at the department, graduate as individuals who can take up careers in the fields of; theatre, cinema, television and radio as text writer, scriptwriter or as a dramaturgist.