Department of Acting

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The Faculty of Performing Arts started facilitating education and training through the Department of Theatre, which includes Department of Acting and Department of Dramatic Writing, within the academic year 2005-2006.

Department of Acting facilitates education and training as part of a Vocational School at university level. It involves a period of 4 years. Besides core modules of the department, students are also provided modules through an academic staff who are regarded as doyens and masters of theatre. They facilitate acting techniques; aesthetics, theoretic and practical issues regarding stage, besides providing practice on; rhythm, vocal and aural training, and other cultural and theoretical courses.

As mentioned above, the academic staff of the Department of Acting consists of doyens, masters and specialists in their fields and this is a feature that makes us very proud. We feel the need to reemphasize this, since master and apprenticeship relation in acting training is very significant. One must look through the academic staff of a department thoroughly when making a choice of where to study. If you desire not to fall behind among professionals of art or feel that you are incompetent, then you must assure that the academic staff of the department of your study has a lot to offer. A wise selection of an educational institution is the one which offers highly equipped and well-known figures as the academic staff of a department.

Students who wish to pursue study at the Department of Acting of the Faculty of Performing Arts of Near East University are required to acquire the base point at the Students Selection Examination (ÖSS) held by Turkey (for TR citizens), and are also required: not to have any physical deficiencies, have a strong imagery, and possessing quality of voice and aural skills; and to be individuals older than 23 years old.

The aptitude tests of the Department of Acting are held in the last week of every September each year. The tests are held at the Faculty of Performing Arts. Students who succeed the aptitude test gain the right to undertake studies with a 50% scholarship funded by the Near East University.