Department of Theatre

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The Department of Theatre started its departmental studies in the academic year 2005-2006 with the foundation of the Faculty of Performing Arts. Both the Department and the Faculty are the first and the only institutions of their kinds in TRNC. The department aims to train qualified and extraordinarily talented artists for the relevant field. The academic concerns and training of the Department of Theatre are based on four major art branches. These are; acting, drama writing, stage design and directing. The Faculty started its education programs by opening the branches of acting and drama writing in 2005-2006 academic year, and will also open the branches of scene design and directing to complete the foundation of Department of Theatre in a near future. The Faculty has reached the honour of graduating its first students in the academic year of 2008-2009. Studies are going on to open programs for PhD studies. The skill tests of the Faculty are administered in the last week of September.

    Aims of Department of Theatre

  • • Graduating well-qualified students who will strengthen and contribute to the art of theatre.
    • Ensuring permanence of staff to maintain continuity of progress of the department.
    • Establishing a professional ‘University Theatre’ to benefit from our graduates in both academic and artistic terms.
    • Earning financial sources from the revolving fund of the University Theatre.
    • Within 5 years time, providing scholarships for the students of the department.
    • Establishing a departmental archive on theatre by encouraging students to implement scientific research.
    • Establishing a departmental Library within three years.
    • Developing opportunities of practice and internship for students in the relevant institutions.
    • Organizing a Theatre Festival to provide opportunity for collaboration with overseas academic institutions which provide theatre education in order to facilitate ideological and artistic interchange.
    • In the academic year of 2009, we aim to prepare the necessary academic infrastructure to facilitate postgraduate programs- at MA and PhD levels.
    • Carrying out necessary initial studies to establish Scene Design and Directing to complete the establishment of Department of Theatre and also complete the establishment of Departments of `Opera and Vocalization` as a part of the music training.
    • Publishing a magazine that will resolve the lack of periodical publications, in TRNC, through the collaboration of students, administrative staff and teaching staff.
    •Extending the activities and opportunities provided by the department, organizing a theatre festival which will commence on the World Theatres Day- which is on 27th March- and continue for one week; presenting the studies of the students, and theatre seminars prepared by academic staff.
    • For the purpose of strengthening mutual knowledge transfer, enriching theatre education, inviting specialists from overseas Theatre Schools to facilitate workshops specifically in their specialised fields. We also aim to send academic staff of the department to overseas countries to carry out similar studies.

Objectives of the Department of Theatre

  • • Increasing the number of permanent teaching staff from 7 to 25 by 2015.
    • Increasing the quota of acceptance for students, from 20 up to 100 within four years.
    • Establishing the NEU Performing Arts Theatre Group in professional terms until 2015.
    • Along with the establishment of the Performing Arts Theatre Group, establishing the revolving fund by 2015.
    • Organizing a Theatre Festival which will commence on 27th March each year, a Theatre Festival of Universities including the universities of Turkey. Starting from 2015, we intend to make this organization an ‘International Theatre Festival of Universities’
    • Publishing a periodical of theatre through the collaboration of students, administrative and academic staff within fall and spring terms of each academic year.
    • Starting from 2010, implementing relative studies related to the branches of Stage Design and Directing, and Opera and Vocalization.
    • In order to contribute to academic development of theatre and provide opportunity for those who wish to continue their further education, offering MA and PhD programs.

Strengths of the Department of Theatre

  •  It is the first and the only department which gives performing arts training amongst the universities in TRNC.
    • It is positioned in a university bearing strong and permanent financial resources.
    • Comprising an administrative staff that have specialized in both theoretical and practical training and are experienced in performing arts.
    • Having a self-governing structure based on requirements necessary for art education.
    • It employs a group of experienced and highly qualified training staff.
    • Whenever necessary, we are in cooperation with academic staff from the reputable and prestigious universities and conservatories of Turkey.
    • Having an academic staff- which have joined us from various disciplines- implementing a successful mutual understanding on education.
    • We bear a high level of confidence and trustworthiness as a result of academic staff’s reputation in the environment of performing arts and extensive facilities owned by the faculty.
    • Having an academic staff that has been appreciated by both academic and social environments.
    • The strong relations between the academic institutions, theatres and foundations in overseas countries and the highly experienced academic staff of the department that come from Turkey.
    • As it is a newly founded establishment, it is open to innovations and continuous developments in accordance with the needs of the department.
    • Accepting students to the department through special skill tests and as a result of this having highly skilled students.
    • Promoting effective communication and social relations between the academic staff and the students in academic and social terms.
    • Hosting cultural richness brought into the art studies by students coming from various cultural backgrounds such as from Turkey and TRNC.

The mission of the department is providing a high quality education that will lead to training of academicians and fully qualified performers who will in turn provide guidance to life of performing arts globally and locally, in Cyprus through the production of academic knowledge that will become a source for the art of theatre in order to develop, explore, and determine the scientific and aesthetic sides of the art of theatre in practical terms

The vision of the department is to be recognized as a distinguished department amongst the theatre departments in the international platform by raising graduates who can utilize academic knowledge creatively and are open to contemporary developments, are fully equipped with comprehensive knowledge and trained within the best possible academic program in this field.