Information and Instructional Technology Management (Distance Learning, Non-Thesis Master Degree)

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Program Description
Students who graduate from the Department of Information and Instructional Technology Management can proceed to work in our university as academic researchers in the following fields alongside Information and Instructional Technology Management: information-computing center management and consulting, software-design development, web designing, computer programming, systems and multimedia designing, multimedia and graphic designing, test and evaluation expertise and other areas related to IT studies. Those students, who are interested in the afore-mentioned programs, but do not have an opportunity to traditional vis-a- vis education, can benefit from NEU Open Distance Education.

Aims and Objectives
The main objective of the program is to provide the facilities of Open Distance Education for graduates of high schools, professional and technical colleges to obtain a Bachelor Degree in the field of Information and Instructional Technology Management and with knowledge received to proceed for the non-thesis master’s degree.

Possessing a wide scientific and academic accumulation alongside with the teaching staff, information and communication technology management seeks to provide a wide audience with interactive and multimedia facilities provided in our country and contribute to the promotion of educational activities to those students who due to several conditions such as: job conditions, geographic conditions, disability, and so on cannot get a traditional education and provide them the possibility to get highly qualified education.

Career Opportunities
Our graduates can proceed with their PhD degrees either on their own field or any other field they will be accepted to. Moreover, they can work in universities as academic researchers, or in private and public schools as teachers in the related fields.
All the courses in the Department of Information and Instructional Technology Management are given by highly qualified and experienced academic staff. Equipment necessary to perform the distance education program is available.