Department of International Relations (Distance Learning, Bachelor’s Degree)

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Message of the Programme Coordinator

Programme Description
The Department of International Relations aims to adopt the following vision and mission in accordance with those declared by the Faculty of Open and Distance Education. We are also carrying out a dedicated mission in conformity with the values and goals highlighted by the fundamental objectives and principles of the Near East University and of the Faculty of Open and Distance Education.

Our mission is to equip our students with the knowledge and skills on a broad intellectual spectrum. Students can study theories of the discipline and improve their analytical skills and their decision-making ability as the international relations experts of future. Through a process of effective education provided for our privileged students, we aim to train students by developing their conceptual knowledge and skills in dealing with the issues in this field with ultimate success in the field of international relations.

Our vision is to be a leading model for all who seek intellectual vitality in a learner-centred and socially responsible academic community in international relations.