Prof. Dr. Nadire ÇAVUŞ

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Prof. Dr. Nadire Cavus was born on the 16th of August 1972 in Nicosia. She graduated in 1995 from the Department of Computer Information Systems (CIS) at Near East University in Cyprus. In 1997, she completed an MA courses in Business Administrative Sciences and started teaching as an assistant. Assoc.Prof.Dr. Cavus received the Degree of PhD from the CIS Department of the same University in 2007 and she became an Assistant Professor in the year 2008. Also, she received the Degree of Associate Professor from the Department of Computer Education and Instructional Technology of the Near East University in 2011. She is currently a lecturer and the Chairperson at the Department of Computer Information Systems at the Near East University.

She has got 7 scientific articles published by the worldwide famous journals such as the British Journal of Educational Technology, Computers & Education, Advances in Engineering Software, Interactive Learning Environments, and so on. At the same time she is in the editoral board and advisory board of several scientific journals. Also, she acts as a referee to these journals.

Prof.Dr. Nadire Cavus has got 27 scientific articles published by the famous journals which indexes by British Education Index, ERIC, Science Direct, Scopus, and IEEE.  And also, she has got 16 scientific articles presented in international academic meetings and published in proceedings books. On the other hand, she has got 2 books published by the worldwide famous academic publishing centers and 1 books published by the famous academic publishing center in Turkey. In addition, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Cavus organises national and international conferences and seminars on educational technology, information technology and related topics.

She has supervised many undergraduate projects and several graduate thesis on the topics of information technology and related fields. Also, she has supervised many master thesis on the topics of information and education technology. Her research interests are in the field of information systems, e-commerce, web development, Learning Management Systems (LMSs), programming languages, the development of virtual learning environment systems, mobile technologies, the development of mobile learning environment systems, mobile learning systems, virtual environment, distance learning, programing logic, internet programming languages, and algorithm.

Her hobbies are, reading, environmental studies and Earth studies, music, traveling, handy work, volleyball, athletics, aerobic, dance, folk dance, embroidery, and sewing.