Prof. Dr. Hüseyin UZUNBOYLU

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Prof. Dr. Hüseyin UZUNBOYLU

Prof. Dr. Huseyin UZUNBOYLU was born in Nicosia, 30th of April 1967. He had Primary education at Hisarkoy Primary School, middle school at Nicosia Bayraktar Middle School and he had completed high school at 20 Temmuz High School. In 1995, his higher education career began by winning the Anatolia University, Department of Communication and Planning on Education. And after he had completed his preparatory education in one year and he has completed his undergraduate degree in 1991. He served his military service as a reserve officer between the years of 1991 – 1993. Prof. Dr. Huseyin UZUNBOYLU has started his graduate education in Ankara University, the Department of Educational Programme and Instruction in 1993 and graduated in 1995. He has accepted into the doctoral program in the same university, Educational Technology Department of Educational Sciences in 1995 and he has completed his PhD degree in 2002. In 2003, he became an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Education and Instructional Technology at the Near East University, he was an Associate Professor in 2005 in Ataturk Faculty of Education, and in December 2010, with respect to the members of juries he was appointed as a Professor.

He worked seven months at Kıbrıs Postası newspaper in 1991. After doctoral studies he started working at the Near East University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences Department of Psychology in 1996 and he taught courses that educational sciences and research methods. He coordinated of “Pedagogy Certificate Program,” which was conducted by the University from 1997 to 1999. Since 2002, he had top position during the establishment and development of NEU Ataturk Faculty of Education. Since 2005, he serves as a Vice Dean and the Chairman of the Department of Computer Education and Instructional Technology.

Prof. Dr. Huseyin Uzunboylu has five (5) academic books, which published, by Turkey’s respected publishing firms; he has supervised 5 doctoral and 21 master’s theses up to now (2011 August). He has twelve (12) high-level articles that searching by Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI); at the moment his 16 articles are searching by educational indexes such as the British Education Index, ERIC, Science Direct, Scopus, etc. He has 27 searching article and published papers are presented on the international or national conferences. He is editor-in-chief of the Cypriot Journal of Educational Sciences; also, Prof. Dr. UZUNBOYLU serves as the boards of many journals referee within the searching in the Social Sciences Citation Index.

Since 2004, he is taking place on the list as founders and he is president of the Cyprus Educational Sciences Association (KEB-DER). In 2010, Prof. Dr. UZUNBOYLU has a major role representing KEB-DER and put effort on being a full member of European Educational Research Association.