Assist. Prof. Dr. Dilek LATİF

Also available in: Türkçe

Dr. Dilek Latif is senior lecturer in International Relations department at Near East University in Nicosia. She holds a B.A degree from Eastern Mediterranean University (E.M.U) in Famagusta/Cyprus and M. Sc. degree from Middle East Technical University (M.E.T.U.) in Ankara /Turkey. In 2005, she obtained Ph.D from Middle East Technical University on  Peace building in Ethnically Divided Societies with a focus on Bosnia and Herzegovina. She was Fulbright Visiting Scholar in California State University- Dominguez Hills in Fall 2007 and researched on  “Peace Education: New Approaches to the Teaching of a Contested History”.

Her particular scholarly interest lies in the area of peace studies, focusing on strategies toward establishing peace and reconciliation in divided societies. Dr. Latif has been involved in internationally sponsored bi-communal peace and education projects in Cyprus as coordinator, consultant, researcher and trainer.

Dr Latif has published her research in a number of academic journals and books. She has taught a variety of international relations and history courses such as Comparative Political Systems, Introduction to Politics, History of Turkish Republic, the History and Politics of Cyprus, Peacebuilding in Balkans as well as Research Methods.