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Faculty of Nursing has two application laboratories. Laboratories are equipped with technological materials and dummies to make them similar to the clinic. These laboratories equipped with modern equipment are used to practically train students on nursing principles, pregnancy and child birth, child health and diseases, and nursing lessons. There are a total of 11 semi-simulated patient dummy models in the laboratories, one of which is the birth model, and the patient beds that provide the opportunity to work with these dummy models.

The application laboratory used for maternity and child health and diseases and child health and illness nursing lessons includes multi-purpose women-child-newborn dummy models, pelvis-uterus-breast dummy models, incubators, phototherapy devices, baby washing tables, baby beds, equipment such as gynecological examination table.

At the same time there is a warehouse room where the other small tools and equipment used in the crafts and consumables are located.

For the application of nursing fundamentals course, there are bedrooms containing material beds, multipurpose man-aged and elderly patient dummy models and 2 supplies materials rooms.

There are materials to be used by the students related to the applications of the digestive system, respiratory system, infection control, hygiene, discharge system, vital signs, urinary system, IV medication and fluid therapy. In the lab there is a lavatory where students prepare hand hygiene and arm dummy models for IV ventures.

All applications are carried out under the supervision of instructors in the direction of realistic scenarios without working with patients.