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Our department started off with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Erkan Tarhan on 1 May, 2010. This was followed by the attendancy of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Asım Şafak to the department. In June, 2010 Prof. Dr. Kıvanç Ayas has joined our department for a 3 month secondment from the Department of OTO of Hacettepe University. During the same period, Hatice Garabli, a specialist in Audiology, joined us, as well. In the following year, 2011, the following doctors joined us : Dr. H. Mete İnançlı in June, Dr. Tunis Özdoğanoğlu in July and Fatoş Yücel, an Audiologist joined us in September. As a result, we eventually completed our staff of the Department of OTO.

We are planning to recruit assistants in the Medical Specialty Aptitude Test (TUS examination) period in April, 2012.

Dr. Mustafa Asım Şafak and Dr. A. Erkan Tarhan are working as our professors of our academic staff, whereas Dr. H.Mete İnançlı and Dr. Tunis Özdoğanoğlu are working as assistant professors in our academic staff. Moreover, Prof. Dr. Mustafa Asım Şafak is working as an editor in chief of the Near East Medical Journal (NEMJ) and Prof. Dr. A. Erkan Tarhan, is working as the Head of Board of Management, Phase III & IV Vice Coordinator and Publishing Coordinator of NEMJ.

The Department of OTO aims to increase the public’s awareness and knowledge on health, and thus make contributions to public health. In this regard, the Department is regularly taking part in broadcasts of local TV stations and in the written press. These are done in order to reach the aim of the Department and enlighten the public of health issues.

The Department of OTO is providing services through inpatient treatments, policlinic and through audio-vestibular laboratories.

In the policlinic centre, approximately 800-1000 examinations and 25-30 surgeries are carried out, monthly. In order to be prompt in appointments and provide necessary time for all our patients, we make sure that a patient’s examination period does not exceed 30 minutes and a control examination does not exceed 15 minutes. At the policlinic, the following devices are utilized in the diagnosis and treatment processes of the patients: The OTO unit; which has a brand called ATMOS, an endoscopy device, which enables digital recordings and save these recordings, an auto-microscopy device and a radiofrequency device.

Our Department of OTO provides diagnosis and treatment to the following illnesses: otitis externa and otitis media, hearing losses, natal ear illnesses, autosclerosis, vertigo, facial palsy, temporal bone and auricle tumours, plastic surgeries of nose, face and ear, rhinoplasty, autoplasty, nose and sinus tumours and infections, allergic rhinitis, nasal polypus, skull based and nasopharynx cystic, sleep and snoring problems, acute and chronic oral cavity and pharynx diseases, pharyngeal tumours, larynx infections and tumours, thyroid illnesses and cancers, salivary gland tumours and infections, tumours of head, neck and skin and their joints’ and maxillofacial traumas.

Department utilizes contemporary applications of otorhinolaryngology. These applications include; all types of ear surgeries, cochlear implantations, BAHA and other hearing implantations, skull based surgeries, resections of head and neck tumours and reconstructive surgeries, thyroid surgeries, all applications of oral cavity and salivary glands surgeries, laryngotracheal stenosis surgeries, all types of nasal and sinus surgeries, rhinoplasty and functional reconstructive surgeries, orbital decompressions, endoscopic DSR, snoring and sleep apnea surgeries, maxillofacial fracture surgeries, phoniatrics surgery applications and laryngeal paralysis surgeries.

The Hospital of NEU is at international standards and established in accordance with the accreditation criteria of Joint Commission International (JCI) and has a contemporary design.

The Hospital of NEU has been established so as to provide health services to international patients, besides providing services to the people residing in Cyprus. Since the date of establishment, many foreign people have been hosted and obtained various health services.

Our hospital has a closed area of 55.000 m2, which is based on the NEU campus in Nicosia. In the hospital, there are 209 patient rooms; all with a single bed, 8 operating theatres, 24 intensive care rooms, 17 new-born units and an extensive laboratory and medical imaging centres. The hospital is arranged in such a way that, if needed, it can provide health services up to a capacity of 500 beds.

The patient rooms are 12 m2, and are en suite rooms with WC and shower. The rooms are equipped with a TV, central air-conditioning and with internet connections. The rooms have an extra bed for a hospital attendant, if the patients desire to have one. In addition, we also have VIP rooms with extra facilities and comfort at the VIP floor of the hospital.

The necessary works and preparations are still continuing in order to get accreditation from the JCI.Our Faculty of Dentistry Hospital is the first hospital of Cyprus and Turkey, which has been accredited by JCI and is continuing its services in another building as Hospital of Dentistry.

Our hospital is equipped with the latest technology and has the first radiotherapy centre of TRNC, including the Rapid Arc, the most advanced radio-therapy device so far developed in the world. Moreover, our hospital comprises the first and only PET CT in TRNC. Air-jet ambulance and a ship owned by the University supports the services of the hospital whenever needed.

Audio-Vestibular Laboratories
The audiology unit is providing services by the use of a quiet cabinet, clinic audiometric device and acoustic impendence metre. ABR; OAE, routine examination of the newborns’ hearing is carried out at the neurotology laboratories. We have the opportunity to measure the evoked potentials (ABR-ERA, ECoG, VEMP, ENoG, NET at our Neurotology Laboratories.

We have order and will soon be making use of VNG, ASSR, Clinic DPOAE, ECOG and thus develop our auto neurology laboratory. We have started off studies and applications of sleep laboratory, audio laboratory, acoustic rhinomanometre and allergic skin tests. At our Hearing, Speech and Balance Unit, we provide facilities for the diagnosis and rehabilitation of; ear diseases, balance disorders, tinnitus, vocal and speech disorders, cochlear implantations and their follow ups. In order to provide a higher level of health services to patients who come to this unit, a systematic training program is followed.

The Hearing, Speech and Balance Unit is under the supervision of Dr. Mustafa Asım Şafak, and Hatice Garabli, who is a specialist in Audiology. Involvement of more specialists to this unit is expected. Moreover, supervision and coordination of Newborn Hearing Examination Program is also facilitated in this unit.

Educational Activities
We have fully equipped meeting rooms in every floor of our hospital. Educational activities are continued in plenty of multipurpose saloons within the Faculty of Medicine building.

In our department’s educational program twice a week seminaries, literature hours, once a month invited lecturer meeting which has been frontier in the world medicine, combined meetings with pathology, radiology, pulmonology and oncology departments, mortality and morbidity meetings.

Specialities of the Academic Staff:
The academic staff of our department is fully equipped regarding all issues of OTO, however, they are also highly specialized in the following fields of medicine:

Mustafa Asım ŞAFAK, MD
Otology and Neurologic Surgery

Haldun OĞUZ, MD

Hasan Mete İNANÇLI, MD
Head- neck and Thyroid-Parathyroid Surgery

Subaqueous – Aviation Medicine and Vocal Disease Surgery