Radiation Oncology

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The NEU Department of Radiation Oncology was founded in April 2010.

Since its foundation, it is the one and only radiotherapy center in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Linear accelerator that is in service in our department has the latest technological features. As this device has the capability to execute RAPIDARC and IMRT-YART (intensity modulated radiotherapy) treatments, our centre is the most advanced centre when compared to other centers in island of Cyprus. The first patient accepted to the centre in May 2010. In December 2010, the treatment of a patient diagnosed with ‘prostrate’ was carried out successfully by using the RapidArc method. All sort of potentials offered by advanced medicine are used in our radiotherapy centre for treatment of cancer diseases. Since the date our centre was established, the most advanced YART (IMRT) and RapidArc technologies are in use at our department.

Preparation to Radiotherapy
Treatment planning in most convenient way specifically for each patient who is taken under care at our centre is carried out by specialist doctors and physicians. Firstly, tomographic images of the patient are taken. With the help of the first and only PET-BT device of Cyprus, which is available only at our hospital, the planning of treatment is carried out in the most accurate and just way with the help of the images taken. Then, specialist surgeons create images of cancerous tissues and critical organs, and the organs neighboring to the cancerous tissue, with the help of tomography images. In the next step, the specialist physicians design the treatment plans most accurate and appropriate for the patient case. For planning the treatment phases, the program called Eclipse 8.9 is used on computerized systems. With the help of this program, in addition to classical 3-dimensional planning, IMRT planning and RAPIDARC planning which is an advanced version of IMRT can be carried out. RAPIDARC is a new and most advanced technology which significantly reduces the amount of dosage given to healthy tissues. RAPIDARC offers an eight times faster and effective treatment than that of the fastest dynamic radiotherapy techniques that are in use today. By this means, the period of treatment is much shortened and the cancerous tissues are delivered the maximum dosage while the healthy tissues are protected by just delivering an insignificant amount of dosage to them.

Devices used at Department of Radiation Oncology

Varian Clinac Lineer Accelerator (with On Board Imager (OBI), Cone-Beam CT (CBCT) and Respiration Pursuit Method (RPM))

The Varian Clinac Lineer Accelerator that we especially use for external radiotherapy treatments produces 6MV and 18MV X-Ray energy, and also produces electron beams at five different levels. So, both tumors on the surface of body or tumors inside the body can be treated effectively. The device includes 120 MLCs (protection blocks) that are 0,5 and 1 cm in width and they can move dynamically. This device is supported with OBI and CBCT accessories in order to eliminate the uncertainties that may arise due to preparation of patient. The images of patient are taken with this device before starting to the treatment, and accuracy of planning centre is approved. Besides, CT images are taken by CBCT and soft tissues are examined. Movements of tumor due to breathing of patients suffering from lung and breast cancers can be tracked down and controlled with the RPM device. By this way, the device can pause delivering radiation in an unexpected movement of the patients due to breathing detected and as soon as breathing of the patient gets into its routine, the system starts to deliver the X-rays again. Moreover, the construction material of the treatment table is made of carbon fiber and no metallic elements are used in this table to avoid the reflection of X-rays that appear because of metallic elements. Besides treatments of 3D and IMRT are possible with this device, as both its ganty and fibers can move dynamically, it also makes the treatment of RapidArc technology possible which is the latest and most advanced technology produced so far in the world.

HDR (High Dose Rate) Brachytherapy

Radioactive Ir-192 source is used in this device, which is used for internal treatment of cancerous tissues, and many kind of tumors, especially cervical cancers are delivered irradiation from close range and high dosages can be delivered as required.

Eclipse 8.9 Planning Computer

In addition to treatment planning carried out with classical methods, the planning of treatment with RapidArc, the most advanced treatment method, is possible with the help of Eclipse brand model 8.9 planning computer.

Cancer Types treated at Department of Radiation Oncology

  • Thoracic Cancers: Lung tumors, pleura and mediastinum tumors
  • Breast cancers
  • Head-Neck cancers: Brain tumors, oral cavity tumors, oropharynx tumors, nasopharynx and larynx tumors, hypopharynx tumors gastrointestinal tract cancers: Colorectal neoplasm, gastroesophageal and pancreas tumors
  • Lymphomas: Hodgkin and Non-Hodgkin lymphomas
  • Gynecological cancers: cervics, endometrium, and vulva tumors
  • Skin cancers one and soft tissue cancers
  • Urological cancers: prostrate, bladder, kidney and testis tumors
  • Metastatic cancers