Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is a branch of medicine that aims to regain the functional ability and enhance the quality of life of those suffering from physical impairment or disabilities. After completing the standard medical education that lasts 6 years, those who wish to become physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists (physiatrists) enroll in four-year medical degree program on physical medicine and rehabilitation. Physiatrists specialize in the diagnosis and the treatment of diseases of muscles, bones, articulars, soft tissues and nerve system. Studies on rehabilitation of degenerative and inflammatory musculoskeletal disorders (rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, psoriatic arthritis etc…), soft tissue rheumatism, osteoporosis, local muscle and soft tissue traumas, neurological diseases (stroke, spinal cord injuries, head trauma, multiple sclerosis, parkinson’s disease, peripheral nerve injuries, congenital and inherited muscle diseases), orthopedic disorders, various rheumatismal diseases in childhood and the rehabilitation of central nervous system diseases are carried out at the department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Our experienced and well-trained team at the unit consisting of two academic members, two physiotherapists, one nurse and one patient consultant, offers contemporary healthcare service at the physiotherapy unit. Treatments of physical agents, traction, manipulation, mecanotherapy methods and exercise therapies such as thermotherapy (heat theraphy), cryotherapy (cold theraphy), electrotherapy (treatment with electricity), hydrotherapy (water threaphy), phototheraphy (ray threatment) and magnetotherapy are successfully carried out at the department. Local injections are given directly into muscles, intra articular and into other soft tissues (tendon, trigger point, ganglion cyst, neuroma and bursa). Kinesio-taping, a kind of taping technique, is frequently used for the treatment of several health problems including waist-neck and back pains, orthopedic disorders and the treatment of neurological problems. ESWT (extracorporeal shock wave therapy), is a kind of sound wave therapy in which the shock waves focus on the specific location of the body through the use of ellipsoid shaped steel applicators. ESWT is performed on the treatment of orthopedical disorders including tennis/golf elbow, heel spur, shoulder pains and pseudoarthrosis (ununited fractures). Besides, the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation offers services in the fields of Neurological rehabilitation, orthopedic rehabilitation, sports injuries, hand rehabilitation, pediatric rehabilitation and pregnancy exercise programs.

Medical devices used it the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Unit

Ultrasound / Short wave diathermy / analgesic (painkiller) flows (TENS, interferantial current, vacuum interference, diadynamic current) / Electrical stimulation / laser / Infrared / cold-hot packs / paraffin bath ( for hands and foot) / pneumatic compression device / turbulent pool ( for arms and legs) / four cell galvanic baths / cervical (neck) traction / lumbar ( waist) traction / ESWT/ tilt table / standing frame / weight lifting equipment (Bioforce) / magnetotherapy / arm ergometer / hand ergometer / elliptical trainer / pulley systems/ shoulder pulley / finger stool / / Theratube and theraband / weight sets/ parallel bar / stair exercise / exercise and Pilates balls / walking aids equipments ( walker, canadien, crutch)

Training and Research Activities

The Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation carries out courses for 3rd semester students of the Faculty of Medicine in 2011-2012 academic years. Within the scope of the education program, Inter-clinic council and literature and seminar activities are regularly carried out in cooperation with the Department of Neurology. Debate activity on medical cases is the part of the daily training program. A conference on ‘Urogynecological Rehabilitation’ that was presented by Prof. Dr. Nurten Eskiyurt and Prof. Dr. Ayşe Karan, the Academic members of the Faculty of Medicine of İstanbul University, was held on January 13, 2011. The conference was carried out by the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation within the frame of NEU ‘Continuing Medical Education Programs 2011-2012’.