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All diagnosis, treatment and follow-up procedures for cardio-vascular diseases are carried out at Cardio-Vascular Surgery (CVS) Department of NEU Hospital. Many complex cardiac and vascular operations have been performed since its date of establishment and such complicated cases became patriot steps for our country and therefore the NEU Hospital has established itself an important and respected place among prominent cardio-vascular surgery clinics of the World in a short time. To summarize those surgeries briefly;

  • Minimal invasive cardiac surgeries (coronary by-pass grafting surgery, heart valves’ repairements and replacements, septal defect repairements realized from a tiny incission) which are performed in only a very small number of cardiac surgery centers in the world.
  • Conventional coronary artery bypas grafting (CABG or coronary by pass) surgery under heart-lung machine (Cardio Pulmonary Bypass) support.
  • Repairements and replacements heart valves by conventional open heart surgery methods.
  • Repairement and treatment of peripheric vascular diseases (peripheric vascular interventions for vessel embolisms, aneurisms or dissections, etc.).
  • Hybrid interventions for peripheric vascular surgeries or great vascular surgeries at hybrid operating theatre. Particularly, great arterial vascular surgeries having very high risk mortality (aortic aneurysms)have been performing under endovascular stent procedures.
  • Open and/or closed heart surgeries for patients having trouble with congenital anomalies.
  • Varicose vein surgeries by latest medical (non-surgical) methods and surgical techniques used Radio Frequency or Laser devices.

The mission of the department of CVS is to follow all scientific and technological developments in cardio-vascular surgery in the world; and thus, to give a world-class or the best medical service for both our domestic and foreign patients.