Medical Biology

The Department of Medical Biology was established by Prof. Dr. Nedime Serakıncı in 2011. The department implements education and training programs in molecular biology, cell biology and molecular genetics perspective. The department also carries out studies in human health, aging, Telomeres/Telomerase and stem cell biology.

The mission of the Department is to carry out basic and applied research for pathogenesis, early diagnosis and treatment of gene and cell levels, cancer, aging and single gene disorders, and to develop diagnostic tests in molecular biology within patient services, to carry out postgraduate and doctorate programs for educating competent young scientists in the fields of medical biology and genetics.

The vision of the Department is to become a leading department which extensively reflect the concept of fast developing molecular medicine, design and implement a dynamic education program, gain extensive technological competence in genomics and become a department that is capable of carrying out collaborative research, diagnosis studies and treatment at international level.

Research laboratories of the Department are located on the fourth floor of the NEU Faculty of Medicine. The laboratories consist of cell culture/cell biology laboratories, molecular genetics/molecular biology research laboratories, Class II laboratories, multi disciplinary DNA and RNA, Pre-PCR and PCR units.



Faculty of Medicine Semester 1-2

Undergraduate Program (Ma)

The Department of Medical Biology offers 64 hours technical and 10 hours practical courses for semester 1-2 of the Faculty of Medicine on yearly basis.